Democrats Have No Intention to Govern

This background material makes it clear that all the focus by the Democrats on removing President Trump from office was set in motion even before he was elected. I would be interested in some analysis that examines whether or not there is actual criminal activity involved in this process. It is justified to pursue constitutionally supported impeachment where warranted. Is it also okay to plot an approach designed to generate an atmosphere within which an opposition political party expends almost all its available legislative effort to manufacture ‘high crimes and misdemeanors’ in order to then pursue impeachment?

I posted this at the other place. I’m really interested if we have any lawyers with some knowledge of how far people with influence within existing government ranks can go in attempting a coup d’etat before their acts are already criminal.


Raspberry Pi 4 Now Available

Raspberry Pi 4A little bit of the Roaring Twenties has just fallen into 2019.  Raspberry Pi 4 has just been announced and is now shipping.  As soon as the distribution pipeline is filled, you’ll be able to buy one (or fifty, or ten thousand) from your favourite distributor.  This is the fourth generation of Raspberry Pi since the introduction of the series in 2012.

Raspberry Pi is a single-board computer, around the size of a credit card, based upon the ARM family of low-power microprocessors.  Unlike the Arduino family of microcontrollers, which are primarily used as embedded processors and programmed on other platforms, the Raspberry Pi is a general-purpose computing platform which, with an attached keyboard, mouse, monitor(s), and network connection, can be used to develop software using the tools with which programmers are familiar on desktop platforms, usually based upon the Linux operating system, for which a Raspberry Pi distribution called Raspbian is the most popular.... [Read More]


Updated! The Great LibertyCon $0.99 Book Sale

Update a final time to add Love in the Age of Dispossession by Loretta Malakie.

Updated once more to add:
For Steam and Country
by Jon del Arroz and Five Dragons: The Complete Collection by Jon Mollison!

Updated yet again to add:
The Narrative
by Deplora Boule and Dopamine by Mikhail Voloshin!

Updated with MORE GREAT BOOKS!

Now including Nick Cole’s Soda Pop Soldier, Declan Finn’s Honor at Stake, and Daniel Humphreys’ Fade. Read on!

With the LibertyCon Science Fiction Convention about to convene in Chattanooga, Tennessee, some attending authors and friends are offering a few of their most popular ebooks for only $0.99. For most books, the sale begins 12 am PDT Wednesday 6/26 through 12 am PDT Wednesday 7/3 on Amazon, (12 am GMT 6/26 through 12 am GMT 7/3 on  The author’s chosen start and end dates may vary – always confirm the price before you buy.

Get a great deal on a liberty-friendly book, and help support the creators. Here’s the full list (including both some familiar Ratburger favorites and new discoveries), alphabetical by author… Continue reading “Updated! The Great LibertyCon $0.99 Book Sale”


Humor Me

My husband and I are part of a theater group in our town; he sings with them, I do their posters, promotion and ushering. Our group just finished performing The Pirates of Penzance, one of the few Gilbert & Sullivan operettas you may have heard of. We had a huge opening night audience, even bigger Saturday, and filled to the rafters on Sunday, we were scrambling to seat everyone.

People loved it. We have received dozens of emails from audience members saying how delightful it was, how they never expected a 140-year old show to be so funny, how gorgeous the music and orchestrations were.  One woman just sent us a $100 donation, saying it was the first time she saw us and she looks forward to “more glorious productions.”... [Read More]


When Will the Chickens Go Home and Roost?

I had read the other day that Project Veritas had put together another documentary.   The topic this time?  Google and the tactics/strategies It is utilizing to force feed its political agenda on the ignorant, gullible masses as well as its renewed efforts to control the outcome of the 2020 elections (having botched the outcome of the 2016 elections).

Today, reading the news that the Veritas video had been taken down, I was immediately annoyed as I had hoped to watch it (I’ve never been a G00gle fan) and I was looking forward to the opportunity to tease my Other Half (a G00gle fan) with, “I remember saying long ago that G00gle was evil.”... [Read More]


To Measure, Perchance, To Evaluate

IN REF a spirited debate about the universality of measurement, to whit: anything that matters can be measured, and its converse; that which cannot be measured does not matter.

Accepted proposed definition of To Measure as: to assign a value, literally, “to assign a number.”  Book definition closer to: a measurement is an observation which reduces the observer’s uncertainty, but number definition accepted as shorthand for my extended claim that: if it matters, it can be measured, and can generate information worth doing math on.... [Read More]


Book Review: The Voyage of the Iron Dragon

“The Voyage of the Iron Dragon” by Robert KroeseThis is the third and final volume in the Iron Dragon trilogy which began with The Dream of the Iron Dragon and continued in The Dawn of the Iron Dragon. When reading a series of books I’ve discovered, I usually space them out to enjoy them over time, but the second book of this trilogy left its characters in such a dire pickle I just couldn’t wait to see how the author managed to wrap up the story in just one more book and dove right in to the concluding volume. It is a satisfying end to the saga, albeit in some places seeming rushed compared to the more deliberate development of the story and characters in the first two books.

First of all, this note. Despite being published in three books, this is one huge, sprawling story which stretches over more than a thousand pages, decades of time, and locations as far-flung as Constantinople, Iceland, the Caribbean, and North America, and in addition to their cultures, we have human spacefarers from the future, Vikings, and an alien race called the Cho-ta’an bent on exterminating humans from the galaxy. You should read the three books in order: Dream, Dawn, and Voyage. If you start in the middle, despite the second and third volumes’ having a brief summary of the story so far, you’ll be completely lost as to who the characters are, what they’re trying to do, and how they ended up pursuing the desperate and seemingly impossible task in which they are engaged (building an Earth-orbital manned spacecraft in the middle ages while leaving no historical traces of their activity which later generations of humans might find). “Read the whole thing,” in order. It’s worth it.... [Read More]


Widows, a film with a difference!

Widows (2018) is a heist film with a difference. The main characters are women. These include one of my favourite actresses, Viola Davis, who plays Veronica Rawlings, the brains behind the heist. I was reminded once again how Viola can convey so much in a glance, in an expression fleeting across her lovely face. She is a real actress in that she becomes the part she is playing, it isn’t the part being played by her. The perfect part for her hasn’t appeared yet. She does such great work, it seems to me she has so much more to give. She moves me by her performances: she needs a part with a broader depth than those she has been given up till now. Whatever film she is in, I’ll be there. In Widows, she does a wonderful job, and I thoroughly enjoyed her performance. She is the first black actor to win an Oscar, an Emmy, and a Tony Award.

My friends of my Film Group, all enjoyed the film. A very lively discussion ensued after we had viewed it. John, said he liked that it was mainly a female cast, and that they won in the end. We noticed that it is different from other movies of this genre. The story wasn’t told in a straight-forward manner, and it almost seemed as if the editing hadn’t been done too well. In a further discussion a day later in our Coffee Group, Alice explained that it is done in a post-modern style. This is realistic, and tells a story more as it would unfold in real life, rather than to a formula.... [Read More]


The Humorless are Off Their Meds

I hope to have fun with this post. In the title I connected to the proverb that “Laughter is a good medicine.” Sadly, the humorless are off these meds. They take themselves and their causes too seriously at times. They often can’t take a joke and they can’t make a joke. Things have to be “racist”, “sexist”, or “hate speech du jour”. People need to be punished because they want people to suffer like they do. Their favorite saying is “It’s not funny.”

I am a little late but I think this was funny. Only someone off their meds would have trouble with it. Trump 7000! [Read More]