Tim Ryan and the Anthem

I saw a clip of the Democratic Candidates standing for the National Anthem and only Rep Tim Ryan didn’t have his hand over his heart. I think that was a wise move on his part. He is a nobody and he needed to stand out from the crowd. People will be asking him questions and he will be getting air time which he would not have gotten.

Here is a video of highlights from the first half of the debate. (I have not watched it all yet.)... [Read More]


Trump: Al Sharpton ‘Hates Whites’

I always agree with the Don because he is a frank man with an unequaled knowledge of the world basically because of his entrepreneurial spirit. It has been a true education for Americans to see one tough capitalist change the world in 2 and 1/2 years. We’re more than merely fortunate to have him.

However, for the first time I’m going to have disagree with him re: above statement.... [Read More]


Puzzle: Numbers in the U.S. Constitution

U.S. Constitution, top of documentThe U.S. Constitution contains all kinds of numbers: cardinal and ordinal numbers, absolute dates, measures of duration, quantities of money, fractions, and areas.  There are, as best I can determine, no irrational, transcendental, complex, or transfinite numbers in the document (although the latter may eventually be required if an amendment is adopted regarding the public debt).

You can probably guess the function of many of these numbers, but there are some curious ones lurking in there whose significance may be less than obvious.  Without looking at the document or performing a Web search, can you recall (or guess) in what context(s) the following numbers are used?  For the purposes of this puzzle, I use the text of the Constitution and the 27 adopted amendments as published by the U.S. National Archives.... [Read More]


Muslim jihad in Africa July 2019

This post is a follow-up to my Ramadan Bombathon and June posts about Muslim jihad in Africa. This is a story of great violence wrought by jihadiis in a dozen countries. This violence is a continuation of centuries of violence along the edges of Muslim lands, but the scene in Africa has become increasingly deadly in the years since the 9/11 attacks on America in 2001. That event seemed to precipitate fresh infusions of cash from oil-rich Arabs, who gave support to Wahhabi madrassas that taught violent jihad, and who gave money for purchase of black market small arms to give to jihadiis all over the world.

Below I am simply listing incidents of violent jihad in Africa that made it to Christian niche media in the weeks since my post in mid-June. There were undoubtedly additional acts of violence that went unreported. None of this made it into mass media journalism in America, so all of it is probably news to y’all.... [Read More]


The Left Discovers Human Biodiversity

Blank-slatism is a cornerstone of leftist orthodoxy: all humans are the same and race is a social construct. Even though Diversity is Our Strength™ anyone can be anything, do anything. Imagine my shock at coming across an article in a leftist publication endorsing human biodiversity:

The scientific research hits on some of the most sensitive racial anxieties of Western-African relations, but it’s also an amazing story of human biodiversity.... [Read More]


Do like to track things?

I like systems so I find it interesting to see how an ordered package goes through a delivery process. It is especially fun for me when the package starts a half a world away. This is new because I can remember the old way that took seemingly forever to get a package to a port thento a ship. After that the ship went across an ocean to another port to find a truck. A few trucks had to go to a few delivery centers then to a front door with the package. Hopefully,I could catch the package on the first delivery. Now the system gives me tracking numbers. An email lets me know the package is on its way. The package gets sent to an airport after a local delivery center. The package then flies “business” class to the main airport in Japan. Right now the package is going through “immigration”. It looks like the package will take less than a week to get to me. This is amazing for a non-expedited package. (I could be wrong since the original delivery was supposed to be 16 days.)

Do you follow your shipments? What is the furthest you had something delivered? What was the longest time for you between an order and delivery?


Gloves Are Coming Off

The reaction to POTUS going on the offensive against his enemies has been predictable. (Note: I use the word “enemies” as the Democrats, Media, Globalist Donors and the embedded Deep State long ago gave up any pretense of being ‘the loyal opposition”)

The “Mueller” report hearings had their effect, they turned the tide from defense to offense. (If someone tells me their theory is that Mueller got a deal from Barr that if he made himself to be a doddering old fool in public , he would keep his freedom and get a get out of jail free card, I would not dispute it. It was a great performance. If Alec Guinness was alive, he could take the role)... [Read More]


My Favorite New Yorker living in the UK

Since I’ve gone and outed myself in the previous post, let me get it all out of my system and post this appreciation of my favorite New Yorkers, Boris Johnson.

Here’s two videos… one in which he makes use of his Oxford Classics education (in my youth, my dream degree!) to explain Churchill (of whom BoJo is a biographer), and one that just overall demonstrates what a wonderful fellow he is.... [Read More]


This Week’s Book Review – Destination Moon

I write a weekly book review for the Daily News of Galveston County. (It is not the biggest daily newspaper in Texas, but it is the oldest.) After my review appears on Sunday, I post the previous week’s review here on Sunday.

Book Review

‘Destination Moon’ a fresh take on telling the story

By MARK LARDAS... [Read More]


One Straw or Two?

Trump is not your average Republican. He uses judo on his adversaries. He gets them fighting against themselves. He reminds me of Phyllis Schlafly. She would talk at a Women’s Liberation event and start off with “I want to thank my husband for allowing me to come here tonight.” and heads would explode. In getting back to Trump, his campaign sold plastic straws and raised millions. This gave the campaign press coverage and caused the other side to froth at the mouth. Could you imagine serving a cold drink to your liberal friend with one or two of these in the glass?

When it came to this type of fighting where was Mitt Romney or the Bushes?