Three Cheers for Small Entrepreneurs!!!

Today I ventured out into my new neighborhood to get a manicure. This will sound unbelievably trite to every male on this site, but I promise there is a bigger point to be made here. (And if you’ve ever read my comments, you know I always have one!)

I asked around for recommendations and begrudgingly took the advice of a young female construction worker who had helped build my house. “My bad” but it was a salon run by a large Vietnamese family and I had visions of all those cheap places I went to in NYC and ended up with nail infections.

As a business owner myself, I have never been more impressed. The salon was huge, looked like it belonged on Rodeo Drive, was packed and fully staffed. Ok, I thought, this all looks clean and modern, but what about the skill sets? My 25 year old nail tech from Hanoi offered me almost 500 shades of color and suggested a technology I had never seen before (don’t laugh). It took over an hour but cost what I paid in SW Florida for a basic and it lasts 3 weeks. My nails look great!

I also noticed that the owners were quite cognizant of time management without compromising quality.

I left thinking these were people who really hustled and made it a point to stay ahead of a very competitive industry. I have lived everywhere and never seen a small business operate so efficiently and offer so many options. They’ve truly taken the most innocuous of businesses and built a small empire.

I love to see this happen.


9 thoughts on “Three Cheers for Small Entrepreneurs!!!”

  1. My local salon is also run by a Vietnamese couple, and I can walk there from home.  They do great work at a reasonable price, and I am a regular there.  The wife has branched out into expensive “permanent makeup” services, something I would never use, but admire someone who can do.


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