Solar Eclipse Time Lapse Video as Seen from Space

Here is a link to something I have never seen before. I found it on, which I peruse most days in an effort to divine what is really going on in the world. This link adumbrates a solar eclipse in stunning fashion. Enjoy!


Author: civil westman

Driven to achieve outward and visible things, I became a pilot, a doctor and a lawyer. Eventually, I noticed the world had still not beat a path to my door with raves. Now, as a septuagenarian I still work anesthesia part-time, fly my flight simulator to keep my brain sparking and try to elude that nagging, intrusive reminder that my clock is running out. Before it does, I am trying, earnestly, to find a theory of everything - to have even a brief "God's-eye" view of it all before the "peace which passeth all understanding."

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