US Polonia Observes the Tanks and Reports on the Snark has been having a blast reporting on those recent preparations for tanks on the streets in the Nation’s Capital.

“Trump Plans Military Parade, The Left Descends into Fury

You may not have heard about it: Trump is planning a military parade for the 4th of July.

The Left with CNN and the New York times fell into a panic and fury.  For example on the CNN homepage was published an article entitled: “Trump 4th of July Show is being done up more and more absurdly.”  Why such harsh language?  Because Trump after a lapse of many years wants to honor the biggest demon in America, the American Army.

In spite of the media blockade the Trump plans are quickly going forward.  Tanks, including the latest Abrams versions, have already been transported by rail to the suburbs of Washington and parked for unloading.”

So okay! I look forward to the reports of the parade itself, from people who know a little something about good “tanks in the streets” versus bad “tanks in the streets.”


3 thoughts on “US Polonia Observes the Tanks and Reports on the Snark”

  1. I think it went pretty well!  I’m still wondering how they timed the various flyovers of the service branches with Trump’s speech.

  2. TheReticulator:

    Be sure to check out their pieces on AOC.  The ones with the fake “camp” visit are still on the left sidebar.  As you may imagine, they were pretty ripped about her remarks and comparisons. Another journal I take made a point, after her performance, of publishing a multiple-page spread on Auschwitz, just to remind people.

    They also follow EU news, of which there has been some good lately what with freezing out undesirable candidates in the recent leadership elections.

    The pieces in Polish are short and written in simple language; great for a student.


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