Things that used to be irrefutably true but are now totally not!!!

I made a comment in a previous post about this theme so wanted to put it out there to see how many people can contribute to my list of things that used to be irrefutably true but are now total garbage. Ok I’ll start.

Global cooling, Global warming, Acid rain, paper bags were bad for the environment and plastic bags were better, saturated fat caused heart disease, the food pyramid was a good nutritional guideline, sex is totally safe from ANY consequences as long as you wear a condom (although I think they are still touting that), peak oil, population bomb, nuclear power is more dangerous than any other energy source, outside of Africa ANYBODY can get AIDS ….


can anyone add to this list.


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  1. Mate De:
    outside of Africa ANYBODY can get AIDS ….

    No, because you did a fine job listing all of the myths, but I can comment on how infuriating was this perception. I came of age in NYC in the late 80s and I can assure you the only women who were in danger were 1) druggies who shared needles and 2) black women who were dating or married to black men on “the down low” and contracted it in all innocence.

    I have no medical evidence to the contrary but I will mention I’m tired of all the ghostly pallors of Florida dermatologists who resemble Casper. A light tan using 40 sunscreen isn’t going to kill anyone.

  2. When I was a kid, we learned in school that glass was a liquid with a very high viscosity and that, over time, it would flow under the force of gravity.  Evidence for this was that in ancient stained glass windows the bottom of each tile was thicker than the top.

    This is completely wrong; glass does not flow at normal temperatures.  If it did, glass which has survived from Roman times would exhibit this deformation, and it does not.  We also learned that the lenses of large telescopes, such as the 1 metre refractor at Yerkes observatory, had deformed over time; it has not.  In fact, the behaviour of large telescope optics is the best evidence against the “liquid glass” myth, since a deformation of even a fraction of a wavelength of light would be apparent in the quality of images they produce.

    It turns out that the process used for making glass in antiquity usually resulted in a thickness gradient from one side to another and that craftsmen would usually (but not always) install the glass with the thicker edge down.

    Liquids with very high viscosity exist, but glass isn’t one of them.  For a genuine example, see the world’s most boring scientific experiment.

  3. You mentioned the saturated fat boondoggle, but I just wanna expand on it.  It caused an obesity epidemic, no: pandemic, as people rushed to buy “NO FAT!” but high carb starchy foods. It caused a diabetes epidemic.

    I’m somebody who is always either dieting or thinking I should be.  A month or so ago I decided to try Atkins, just researching it on my own, no keto formula, whatever that is.  And I am amazed.

    I think it’s true that when you eat starch, body metabolizes that first and never starts on your fat.  (I don’t get why eating fat gets your bod to get rid of the excess fat you’ve already got—but it seems to do so.)

    Plus: fat is delicious!  Cream in my coffee, bacon, butter on my vegs—are you kidding me?!? Where has this been all my life?  I’ve been depriving me of the wrong stuff.

    Oh I haven’t dropped any twenty pounds— but all I wanted was to permanently lose a troublesome 4 or 5.  And I recommend just cutting out carbs and sugar.  The only problem is, I always loved bread, truly couldn’t resist it—and now I really can hardly bring myself to eat a croissant. It just seems so—superfluous.

  4. Several people I know swear by Atkins. I try to avoid both carbs and fat which hasn’t been particularly hard because I find steamed or grilled food in its natural state quite tasty without all those sauces and gallons of salad dressing. (Which is why I am the only person on the planet who dislikes French cuisine.) The only carb I found hard to give up was Doritos! I could give up wine with dinner but that’ll never happen so more cardio and squats in the gym.

    One tasty tip re: butter. I use olive oil instead and although it has just as many calories, it is more nutritious. I really enjoy the flavor and find I need to use less of it than butter.

    Another tasty tip: Have to give up french fries or baked potatoes? Substitute with yams and baked sweet potato fries. Orange is good!

  5. Electric flow direction, fat is bad, bread is good, bacon kills, coffee kills, butter kills, salt kills,  Keynes is right, public housing is a solution, poverty just needs money,  one way free trade works, elites are there by merit, Socialism is virtue, private business is inherently evil, government employees are just like the ones in tv shows, health insurance=health care, actors know anything, scientists are driven by truth not grant money, only certain kinds of hate are bad, bigotry is worse than murder, racism is worse than murder, sexual humor is worse than murder, a college degree guarantees a lifetime of prosperity….

    We didn’t start the fire….


  6. My friend told me he read the “Obesity Code” by Jason Fung. I thought that was one book I would never read. I did read it and saw how calorie counting was not enough. The body doesn’t handle carbs and sugar well after a while. You either change your diet or get fat. The great thing is the different diet can be filling and weight losing.

  7. 10 Cents:
    The great thing is the different diet can be filling and weight losing.

    I’ve found this to be true which is why I ignore advice about calorie counting and portion control. I’ll allow myself as much grilled or broiled protein (mainly chicken or fish) as I want and it keeps me full.

    I always wonder about those weight loss food programs that claim you can eat moderate amounts of pizza or chocolate cake. Yeah, right! That is akin to dangling a handful of Doritos in my face and saying, “That’s all you can have right now.”

  8. P.S. Just an additional thought Dime: I replaced sushi with sashimi allowing me to avoid that dastardly food- white rice. An added advantage is that in the States, sashimi is rarely prepared with wasabi which truly can cause serious brain burn-out in Westerners. 🙂

  9. 10 Cents:
    It used to be true that you could turn on CNN for news. Now it is a wholly owned subsidiary of the Democratic Party. They are losing viewers and if this keeps up they will be gone. “Get Woke Go Broke”

    Nope.   CNN is owned by AT&T.   They will stay on for as long as AT&T is willing to keep them on.


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