3 thoughts on “President Trump hosts the Social Media Summit”

  1. I have noticed a number of subtle actions by the administration to maneuver against the Global Tech Cabal. Military testimony about their contracts to help China, a series of stories about tech bigotry, Project Veritas and such.

    I do believe they are setting the stage for a deal or a war. Such is the POTUS style. While Google is powerful, they will still wilt at a group of US Marshals at the door.

    While tech is powerful, they are not well liked. They are also aware most other countries would not allow them the freedom they have enjoyed.

  2. This is really exceptional—well worth your time (especially if you can listen to it while doing something else undemanding [I listened while clearing an agenda of system administration tasks today]).  There is no question in my mind that Trump (or whoever wrote the words he spoke) gets it: that there is a concerted effort on the part of the big tech companies to silence those who dissent from the slaver party line and tilt election results by every means at their disposal.

    The real question is whether there will be follow-through or, as has happened with his equally clear statements on immigration during the 2016 campaign, Trump will turn out to be an “all hat, no cattle” blowhard on this critical issue.  Still, it’s a heck of a lot better to have someone in the bully pulpit clearly stating what is going on rather than a slaver urging on the private sector Ministries of Truth.


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