Terrorist van Spronsen

I suppose everyone saw that a terrorist had tried to bomb an ICE facility in Tacoma using Molotov cocktails and a propane tank bomb, and was killed in a shootout.

I doubt if any of you learned anything of the details, because journalists seemed really un-curious and unwilling to follow up.   The details got left out; there was no reporting on several aspects of the attacker and his motives, which were vaguely reported as “unclear” by media outlets hostile to ICE.

Since the attack, the terrorist’s name or stated motivation has yet to be reported on CNN, MSNBC, or the evening/morning news shows on CBS, NBC, or ABC, based on a review of Grabien’s archive of news programming. Nor was the story mentioned on any of the Sunday morning political talk shows, despite border detention being such a dominant topic in the preceding months.

On Saturday, CNN’s Polo Sandoval reported on the terror attack, but only to say that “police have not established a motive.”

Willem van Spronsen was a part of AntiFa of Seattle, was known to police, and had previously been arrested for attacking that same facility in Tacoma last year.   He was allowed to plead guilty to a lesser charge.

He was part of an AntiFa mob that roughed up Andy Ngo, and Ngo had reported him for making threats, but police showed no interest.

 The manifesto he left behind borrowed language from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez likening ICE detainment facilities to “concentration camps,” which he did six separate times. He encourages others to follow him and “arm themselves.”

Once again mass media reveal themselves to be partizan hacks.   The Enemy of the People.


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  1. They cheer on and cover up for violence.

    I wonder, when the sectarian fighting starts, how they will feel when their homes get attacked. That is how these things go.

    They have got to stop, but they won’t.


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