Mueller Hearings- A Theory

I usually look at any organization as a business. It works for me, as cash flow drives all organizations’ behavior. If they have aberrant behavior, it drives them to extinction.

Political parties are vote harvesting enterprises. They operate the machinery of getting votes to deliver officeholders who can use influence.

In the olden days , maybe about forty years ago, the parties were pragmatic and reasonably successful. They both had liberal and conservative wings and were able to play the donors off by forcing them to buy from both parties to get whatever influence they needed. The parties prospered by not being able to individually deliver their wishes. They ran themselves and the donors were not dominating customers.

(Notice philosophy, principles and ideas are not in this equation, just power and money. I hate to tell you but the market value of ideology pales against the market value of power and money.)

Around about the early 70s, the parties began to coalesce around ideologies and identity politics. The Democrats were much better at it, the GOP needing a charismatic leader who could fire up the deplorables to win. So far we had Reagan and Trump, the Bushes won because their opponents were so weak.

We are now at a point where the donors own the parties, and drive their operations. Trump is despised because he broke this (temporarily) in the GOP, but actually won despite the donors’ wishes. The Democrats are a captive subsidiary of the Globalist elites’ class.

So, back to the Mueller hearings.

What does a CEO do when his majority shareholders ask him to take a suicide mission for his organization? The CEO can argue, or demonstrate.

The operators of the Democrats just put on a show where they took a loss to convince their donors their strategy was wrong and disastrous.
They showed the Mueller game is a loser and it will lead to pain and suffering for the donors’ environment. They picked a safe district soldier (Nadler) and a disposable moron (Schiff) to take the loss now, more than a year before the election, so it will be all in the far memory hole by next November.

Sometimes a fighting retreat is the best move. It allows you to change strategy.

Just a theory, but I expect the Dems to start moving to the center, cut a deal on immigration and take a lot of their vulnerabilities off the table. They just needed their donors to move that way by realizing what a weak hand they had on the ‘get rid of Trump” plan.

For the first time, the “Destroy the Republican” play , which always required willing “establishment’ Republicans to cooperate failed because they are up against a street fighter.

Watch the Dems start rapidly changing messaging.

Or they may just be so incompetent they will forget how to breathe.


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5 thoughts on “Mueller Hearings- A Theory”

  1. Would be nice to believe that the bulk of the Democrat Party is willing to give compromise a chance but I suspect what you are going to see is a continued fissure between the Squad and the Machiavellians. The first hint of compromise is going to be met with shrieks from the Progs. The Progs have the same complaints about their party leadership that many of had/have about the GOP leadership: it’s an insulated class of people in it for their own benefit and not dedicated to actually securing policy victories. There will be no easy move to the center.

  2. The trifecta has been cooked and delivered by Trump: the economy is booming, the mere word Kavanaugh bristles with animus for the Progs and the Squad are their spokesmodels, and Trump has been exonerated in the sphere of public opinion, the only venue where this can occur in our republic.  The Dems are cooked for this election cycle.


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