3 thoughts on “Will We Prevail? Again, Codevilla…”

  1. S’funny: we have, very recently, been confronted with real, undeniable “hoaxes”,  big ( Trump-Russia collusion) and small (Jussie). And yet the Left still behaves as though to call anything a “hoax” is always just a right wing attempt to ridicule and dismiss a legitimate concern.

    Is the membership of any and all groups in the US which could possibly be called  “white supremacist” laughably minuscule?  Or i# it “on the rise”, a huge  and ever growing threat?  Why is it so hard to find out?


  2. We need to call them hoaxers at every opportunity and on as many different platforms as possible.

    We need to pull some single white women away from the Leftist House of Lies.   I don’t expect them to vote for Trump, but let’s give them pause so at least they don’t vote for the Anti-American Party.


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