Italic ?

We need to explore this issue.

First off, I love Italy and Italians. I speak a bit of their language, visited a lot of Italy, I have many Italian American friends, and thousands of hours of experience with the ‘race’ having lived years in South Philly.

I believe we should ‘go’ with this as an exercise.

Italian is a race because:

They are genetically different?

Or are they ethnically different?

Is it their culture?

That they have experienced ethnic or racial discrimination and general oppression and bigotry?

A combination of all?

If you say some combination of all of the above, then there are a lot of races. Which means there’ve been a lot of underserved races and racial grievances. We can include the Irish, the Poles … we could name every ethnic group and tribe in the world.

It’s not genetic. If so, that would undermine the scientific concept of race itself.

But they are telling us that Hispanic is a race. So why not Italic? (*)

I can’t understand these rules – rules no one dares talk about.

But continuing…

Maybe an oppressed ethnic group is a race. Many people consider Jews to be a race. That’s even more complicated. Judaism is a religion but also and ethnicity or most accurately a tribe. The cultural demeanor is very closed.

Many Jews don’t practice the religion so that’s not the overarching definition. You can convert to the religion and become a fully accepted Jew – kinda like being American, if you were born one there’s no need, but to become one you have to study for the test.

Were Italics oppressed? Absolutely! Are Italian’s disparaged and stereotyped. Are you kidding?

But a good argument could be made that this entire film is racist. It depicts Italics as criminals and vengeful, barbarian thugs.

Shouldnt these films be banned? Goodfellas was also quite racist. And Saturday Night Fever? Are you kidding? The racial stereotypes of Italics was on full display. Moonshine was another. And what about My Cousin Vinny?

And these people have suffered endless cultural appropriation. Think about it.

Olive Garden? Sbarro?

In this age of taking offense as a vehicle for supplying rewards for narcissists, Cuom-do is simply trying to play the sketchy race card as the indignant victim.

But still let’s explore.

Why do they call them Italics? Not the race, the font. The font designates emphasis. Clearly it’s a racial stereotype about how Italics talk, moving their hands and being so…well, emphatic.

And the Italians certainly had their share of ‘Uncle Toms’ like Dean Martin changed his name and sold out.

And what a slap to the Italic community to remove the statue of Rocky Balboa from the steps of the Art Museum, relegated back to the South Philly ghetto in front of a sports arena.

The Italics have many legitimate grievances.

I’m for the fractalizing of race to the point we each must classify ourselves as an individual. This is why I welcome Italics like Coum-do into the racial grievance industry. Good luck!

* conflicted about the effect of italicizing the word Italic .


4 thoughts on “Italic ?”

  1. You certainly make a case. I think the only thing that might be missing is, Italians do not vote as a bloc for the Democratic party. That seems to be a criteria for being a race.

  2. Pencilvania:
    You certainly make a case. I think the only thing that might be missing is, Italians do not vote as a bloc for the Democratic party. That seems to be a criteria for being a race.

    They used to.   Does that make them a legacy race?

  3. Some of my best friends are Italians!

    Your post is funny, but….I go back to something I heard somewhere: ethnic stereotypes are true,  they must be, or nobody would believe them.

    As for  the Italian guys I’ve known well : their favorite movie is The Godfather et seq.  They don’t seem to mind if people want to entertain the idea that they are “connected”. They really only like to eat at Italian restaurants.  They have a strong sense of their family hierarchy, kinda unusual in the US today.   Oh and one more thing: they have bedroom eyes, and, alone among all my male  friends these days, occasionally bedroom hands!

    Which is  all good, nay, great!  #neanche io! 

    Maybe these stereotypes are not so much Italian as Italian-American.   As you know, Italian-Italians are no longer breeding (thus confounding one long-lived stereotype about their  prolific fertility).  Whatever  is to be preserved of Italian culture will only be preserved here.


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