WhatIsIt #3 ?

OK, here’s the drill…

You may or may not know what it is, those that do, sit back for a while and see others fumble at it. I am open to “private” guesses via messages.



Author: G.D.

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7 thoughts on “WhatIsIt #3 ?”

  1. I’m 2 out of 3 for the WhatIsIts.  That shows my age.

    The other day someone mentioned this singer named Adele to me.  I had no clue.  That shows my age, too.

  2. Yes it could go two ways.

    It’s a telephone “T” connector, one would plug the small end into the telephone wall jack and then plug two phones or a telephone and a “FAX” machine into the other. Or Instead of a “FAX” machine, maybe an answering machine or a computer modem.

    Two more views of it below…

    and the original image…

    I’ve got another one in a little while…


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