For Your Entertainment

If you have seen the Dennis Leary voiceover on Ford Truck commercials, this might resonate….

(Contains conversational obscentity, you have been warned that normal people talk like this…)

Best Trump Ad Ever


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6 thoughts on “For Your Entertainment”

  1. ❤️❤️❤️❤️DENNIS!  Didja catch him the other night on David Spade?

    I like Spade’s show; he doesn’t do anti-Trump, nor for that matter,  political humor.  (Altho that  sometimes means a lot of Hollywood injokes which I don’t get—gotta fill in somehow!)  But, a lot of the kinda stuff that used to be so funny in Woody Allen’s  Routines, in Jerry Seinfeld’s.  Sexy tho, I warn you.

  2. Good ad for the hard core but will scare the normies. Anybody who likes this ad is voting for Trump anyway. Elections are won or lost at the margins.

    “Pack the court.” Really?

  3. drlorentz:
    Elections are won or lost at the margins.

    True, but the winning margins are not the squishy tender undecided . It could be the not voting who decide to vote. Non voters are a larger group than the historical middle.


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