WhatIsIt #4

OK, here’s the drill…

You may or may not know what it is, those that do, sit back for a while and see others fumble at it. I am open to “private” guesses via messages….


Author: G.D.

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15 thoughts on “WhatIsIt #4”

  1. Oh come now… I’m pretty sure you both, KayofMT and JJ, have at least one of these each at home.

    A Hint:  What is shown is white in color, sometimes they are in silver and even black in color. Most times they are chipped or beat up looking. The one shown is brand new, just out of the package.

  2. JJ:
    I don’t have one of these in my home.

    You don’t?  Doesn’t everybody?  It’s an octopus measuring gauge.  If your octopus cannot squeeze between the base and the bar, she/he/it needs to go on a diet.  No octo-pizza for you tonight, tentacle-boy!

  3. Good one John! But how will you train an octopus to try the opening?

    Is it time for another hint?

    (By the way, running off generator, we had a storm pass through and the commercial power went out. I’ll shut this down till it comes back on, maybe 2100 hrs, (9 PM), locally, East coast.)

  4. Tough one… How do I give a hint without giving it away? Well, I’ll try…

    If you are thinking this, then it’s on the other side.

    Gads, you should be able to get it now…

  5. Ok, the hint confirmed my guess while saving the trouble of actually going to look at the thing.

    Mine gets a lot of use due to the phenomenon noted by Ogden Nash

    ”So quietness is what a Grecian urn is the still unravished bride of,

    And a door is what a dog is always on the wrong side of.”

  6. Great job Jojo!

    If it were a handle, only a doll could grasp it as the distance between the tube-like part and the rest is too small for even a child to put their fingers through.

  7. It is part of a “latch for a screen, (storm), door”.

    To clarify here’s a few more images…

    pretty good participation this time. Most were leading in the right direction, except maybe one…

    but I’m thinking that was intentionally just for fun.


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