A twist on “WhatIsIt”, a “where is it” picture…

OK, here’s the drill…

You may or may not know where this is, those that do, sit back for a while and see others fumble at it. I am open to “private” guesses via messages…….

It’s an old picture I had someone take of me some years ago.

Yes 10-Cents, they had cameras then.

Maybe this can double as a “Photo Friday” image?


Author: Gerry_D

I'm from Pensyltucky.

8 thoughts on “A twist on “WhatIsIt”, a “where is it” picture…”

  1. drlorentz:
    Alice Springs is the only place name I know in the outback. I’m guessing it’s somewhere near there.

    Alice Springs is quite populated, this is not there, but like the old days in the U.S. the wagon trains were heading ______ and the road runs South to North.


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