DON’T Climb Every Mountain?

Alva Johnson, who accused Trump of forcibly kissing her, or something, has withdrawn her suit, citing a “huge mountain ”   to be surmounted  if she were to try to win.


Meaning, you furhole, you murrain-mouth, that you don’t actually  think there’s any way you can prove your allegation? So you’d rather,  just,  like,  retire undefeated, than face  the forensic give and take of adversarial litigation?  And O, it is fierce, let no layman doubt that.

Maybe you also think you’ll still be a heroine to the Left, like Anita Hill, who courageously testified that Thomas had occasionally told dirty jokes?  Or like Blasey-Ford, who recently admitted her main goal in accusing Kavanaugh was to be sure he’d have to recuse himself if Roe v. Wade were challenged? ( okay, I don’t get that: she didn’t claim he knocked her up, did she…?)

Anyway, Ms. Johnson:  welcome to the purdah  of the henceforward non-person women .  It’s you, yourself, who begged admittance.  Selah. 


4 thoughts on “DON’T Climb Every Mountain?”

  1. Really a stupid bit of trash, hell, it’s been so long since I’ve had a man kiss me, I’d welcome Trump’s kiss, and never wash my check again. To save it, ya know?


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