Claws of the Red Dragon

Huawei and 5G logosSteve Bannon, former head of the Trump 2016 presidential campaign, chief strategist in the Trump White House, and executive chairman of Breitbart News, has produced a movie, Claws of the Red Dragon, a fictionalised account of the arrest of Meng Wanzhou, chief financial officer of Chinese technology giant Huawei, in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, in December 2018.

Huawei, founded by Meng’s father, Ren Zhengfei, is described as “China’s largest private company”, and is the world’s largest telecommunications infrastructure provider and the second largest manufacturer of smartphones.  It is estimated that networks using its gear provide mobile communication services to one third of the Earth’s population; its global revenue in 2018 was estimated at US$ 105 billion.  Huawei is a leader in developing infrastructure for 5G mobile networks, which are viewed as a key component of the communications and computing infrastructure of the next decade.

Steve Bannon has warned that allowing Huawei to deploy what is  largely an opaque technology at the heart of the global communications infrastructure is an unacceptable threat.  In a press release announcing the film, he said,

Run by a radical cadre of the Chinese Communist Party [CCP], China’s Communism today is the greatest existential threat the West has ever faced.  Huawei, the technology and telecommunications arm of the CCP and the People’s Liberation Army, is the greatest national security threat we have ever faced, as it is already in the process of a global tech domination via 5G and 6G.

At present, based on warnings from intelligence agencies, U.S. federal agencies are prohibited from doing business with Huawei and U.S. companies are under a deadline to cut their connections with Huawei.  Reinstating access to U.S. markets by Huawei is a key part of U.S/China trade negotations.

Bannon’s film tells the story of the nefarious machinations of a fictional company called “Hua Xing” and its connection to a tyrannical regime using it as a Trojan horse against its adversaries.  Here is the official trailer for the film.

On August 24, 2019, the Epoch Times published an interview with Steve Bannon discussing the film, the importance of 5G, and the threat from Huawei.


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