See Spot Run

Boston Dynamics have announced that their autonomous mobile robot, Spot, is now kind-of available as a kind-of product.  I say “kind-of” because they haven’t yet quoted a price (according to an article in IEEE Spectrum, it’s expected to be in the range of a luxury car), and sales of the limited production will be in an “early adopter program” targeting customers in industries developing applications for such technology.

Specifications for Spot include:

  • Speed: 1.6 metres/second
  • Run time per charge: 90 minutes, batteries swappable
  • Vision: 360°, stereo cameras
  • Environment: IP54 weatherproofing, −20° to 45° C
  • Payload: 14 kg

Meanwhile, Boston Dynamics’ Atlas humanoid robot has been tuning up its parkour moves.


Author: John Walker

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3 thoughts on “See Spot Run”

  1. Once they train this thing to do that in a random environment, things will get interesting.

    moderate improvements in power density and materials should get that payload up to 30 kg in the same timeframe. That’s starting to look like a useful number.

  2. I am most impressed with the test on a rainy night.

    Snooks’s Volvo has “driver assist” which works really well, except that it struggles and errs and cannot be used on rainy nights.


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