Kindle Deal: Blue Latitudes (A Quick Review)

I’m trying to find ways to shorten my posts so that I will have time to write them.

Here is a brief review of Blue Latitudes: Boldly Going Where Captain Cook Has Gone Before.


Easy to read, fun to know—

Captain Cook would stoutly go

Where few in Europe had set foot

To map it out (though others might loot).


Brilliant man with technical skills,

Cook regretted shootings and kills

Of men in Tahiti who had stolen their stuff—

Though here and elsewhere he’d had enough.


Islanders were people, to him and to Banks,

Disease and disruption?  Oh, no—no thanks.

But this all happened upon sailors’ mixing

With friendly island women (even Banks wasn’t nixing).


The author glides smoothly from our era to that—

No awkward transitions or just adding fat.

I like it so much and am one third through—

The book was a deal, so I thought I’d tell you.


The greens and blues of South Pacific isles

Are so alluring, yet the writer whiles

Less time on scenery, more on the lore

But one shimmering passage, and I need no more.


7 thoughts on “Kindle Deal: Blue Latitudes (A Quick Review)”

  1. Thanks! Kindle reviews are particularly helpful nowadays, since I believe Amazon heavily promotes books which are not necessarily great literature. It seems, rather, that the “identity” of authors and presence of thinly-veiled (or not even veiled) politic screeds by SJW’s go to the head of the advertising line.

  2. Update: The middle of the book sagged a bit–still informative and vivid, just too long.

    However, the book gave a stunning account of Cook’s last days. It’s overwhelming, like a crescendo—the majestic setting; the teeming, friendly Hawaiians; the building tension; the ongoing mysteries in the surge of violence and what happened afterward.


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