9 thoughts on “I’m okay.”

  1. Glad to hear you’re still kicking. Western media isn’t even covering the Typhoon much. They’re too busy screaming about impeachment. Seriously.

  2. jzdro:

    Glad you are safe, Dime. Is the typhoon season over soon for Japan?

    And when they come through, do they pass through quickly, or linger?  Or is that variable?

    Usually they don’t last too long but it all depends some can be slow moving.


  3. Dime, I’m sorry that your weather conditions went under my radar, I have been a bit busy with problems from my past employer and on top of that both me and the better half have the flu. A rather nasty one at that. I am relieved that you fared well through the typhoon, without you what Ratburger be?

    Seriously now, I apologize for not asking as to your weather problem.


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