DNN: The Truthiest Name in News

In a move to show how unbiased they are CNN has changed their name to the Democratic News Network.

A person on deep background boldly stated anonymously , “We are tired of living in the closet. We want to express our love.” This comes as a shock to Don Lemon who had no idea the network was in favor of Democrats. Anderson Cooper on the other hand had on his “I (heart) Biden” button to mark the occasion.


One thought on “DNN: The Truthiest Name in News”

  1. James O’Keefe has an item that says Jeff Zucker surprised the studio team, telling them to hold off commercials on Jake Tapper’s show.   Tapper was grilling Kellyanne Conway.   The interview was supposed to be seven minutes, but it was extended on the fly to 25 minutes in an attempt to ambush Kellyanne and get her to trip.

    Kellyanne jousted with Tapper for 25 minutes and gave them nothing.

    Slimeballs.   They are caught springing a dirty trick, and they still came up with nothing.



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