Trump’s Precipitate Withdrawal Leads to Chaos in Syria.

Sorry, that should read: ‘Leads to CHAOS!!!  And really cheesy special effects’.

A Funny Thing Happened on the Road to Damascus

The Babylon Bee, my go-to source for truth over facts on the Internet, has all the gory details.


27 thoughts on “Trump’s Precipitate Withdrawal Leads to Chaos in Syria.”

  1. Ace Fungo:

    10 Cents:
    Good to have our Ace reporter covering this.

    Well, you used to have Right Angles to do the hard-hitting reporter thing but she seems to have wondered off somewhere on the Internet. So you get me instead, and as you see I don’t do hard hitting reporting so much as unsubstantiated rumor-mongering — in other words, what you get everywhere else in the MSM these days.

    Right Angles, come back! The country needs you! (Well, it is more of a web site.) I would beg but I have only learned how to shake hands and roll over so far.
    Ace, thank you for reminding me what a poor substitute you are. The teleprompter has fallen from my eyes.

  2. Haakon Dahl:
    We should stop sending men to die for nothing.  We aren’t worthy of their sacrifice.  It’s a sin

    Our men will have victory unless we hobble them.  To hobble them in any way, political or practical, is wickedness.  That includes sending them on pointless non-misisons, as you say.


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