Anyone else see the new space movie?

My husband and I both like sci-fi and went to see Ad Astra yesterday. It was showing in a small room, and only a handful of viewers were there. So I wondered whether it would be any good.

Without giving much away, I would say that I enjoyed the plausible technological and political vision of our future.  There was an “airport” for going to the moon.  The effects were beautiful, and much of the acting was good. There were original aspects to the plot. I also appreciated the conclusion lMILD SPOILER below, then more to read.]


MILD SPOILER That despite wonderful advances in travel and exploration, being on earth and amongst human loved ones is best, after all.


Weighing down the plot and creating awkward moments in the script were attempts to develop the main character’s emotional life. Cliched FB-meme-like phrases were put into Brad Pitts’s mouth that made him seem full of baggage. He was a flat character for me, despite looking even more like Robert Redford as he ages. Some of the action and plot points were cliched, too. I can imagine the script writers getting together and saying, “But how does the sequence where they answer the mayday call, with it’s quasi-horror moments, fit into the plot?  Ah, okay, it moves the character along in his emotional journey. That works for me.”

But it was worth $7.25 to go to the theater and watch on a chilly afternoon.


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