Highly Recommended Drama from India: Laakhon Mein Ek

Yes, you’ll need subtitles to understand what is going on, but this is a brilliant series that illustrates how corruption in high (or mid-level) places hurts needy people the most. Ordinary men and women lose incentive to try their best when they are caught in high-pressure circumstances created by those using the system for their own ends.

It sounds bleak, but it’s not. The acting, script, and story are excellent, the characters ring true, and the series maintains humor (okay, dark humor) every episode. The truths being told aren’t happy, but the depiction is artful and human.

Each season tells a different story. In the first, an initially carefree young man attends a technical school under orders from his father, and the viewer longs for him to succeed. But there are pressures on this kid that are not all of his own making. Much of the action in this season takes place under garish, green-tinged fluorescent lighting. The protagonist has some unruly peers, too, that use bad language. But problems with the system that become evident are depicted well, and the story is not without hope.

The second season was my favorite of the two. A young medical student finds herself assigned to set up and manage a cataract camp in a village. There, she matures, showing great strength of character and courage to speak the truth in hard circumstances. But shady dealings behind the scenes threaten the camp’s success and her career.

More than once, I’ve seen Indian dramas that lovingly, it seems, point out the country’s faults. This work is the best I’ve seen of that reflective genre.


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  1. As I recall, your recommendation of Shtisel gave us many hours of viewing pleasure. I will look for this one. Thanks. BTW, I am nearly finished watching a Russian production (these have all been very excellent) of Trotsky. Well worth watching – 1 season, 8 episodes on Netflix. Wait til you see the depiction of Stalin and Lenin.


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