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The above story was about the Newsweek article about how Trump was going to spend Thanksgiving. It was written before news was known about Trump’s surprise visit to the troops. The reporter was fired for writing a story that Trump would be golfing and tweeting. It showed Trump in a negative uncaring light. Should the reporter have been fired? ... [Read More]


First Run

O is it true? We’re supposed to get, maybe 8 inches snow by Monday! I dug out my cross country ski gear from behind my biking gear. There they alike in trembling hope repose!
Come quickly, my lord Frost!
I want to see how black the flowing streams and rivulets, and the pines, look against the snow. I want to see the shivering copper of the beech leaves looking somehow pink against the pristine sparkling landscape.
Elinor Wylie, the daughter of a governor of Pa born (and buried) not far from here, wrote a poem called Wild Peaches. Her lover tells her how wonderful it would be to live on
the Eastern Shore, what we call “DelMarVa”, where it never gets really cold, Nature is mellow and fruitful all year. She says:

Down to the Puritan marrow of my bones
There’s something in this richness that I hate.
I love the look, austere, immaculate
Of landscapes drawn in pearly monotones.
There’s something in my very blood that owns
Bare hills, cold silver on a sky of slate,
A thread of water, churned to milky spate
Streaming through slanted pastures fenced with stones.... [Read More]


Boycott Chick-fil-A

A few days ago Ratburgher Robert A. McReynolds posted his frustration that many conservatives were slow to turn on Chick-fil-A after the news broke about how Chick-fil-A was putting a knife in the back of the Salvation Army and the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. I was one of the slow ones; I have seen conservatives, many times led by NeverTrump Quislings, rush to judgement to condemn other conservatives. As a conservative, one of my traits is ‘look before you leap.’

Now additional information is available, and I am fully on board with Robert McR.

Chick-fil-A is not to be boycotted just for the way they have flipped on legions of loyal customers who were fiercely supportive on account of the way Chick-fil-A had stood up to Leftist pressure and had resisted the Social Justice anti-Christian culture.  In addition to that, Chick-fil-A has rolled over; they negotiated with terrorists and paid extortion money to agents of the Enemy.

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The Integrity of Organized Labor

This story has been floating around the Portland media for the past 5 years, but it is always treated as a sort of mystery- why would the shipping companies pull out of Portland? 

This article originated in the LA Times so I suppose there wasn’t as much danger of angering the local union mafiosos.  I can’t help feeling a high level of schadenfreude about the possibility of the Longshoremen going bankrupt.... [Read More]


Book Review: Atomic Energy for Military Purposes

“Atomic Energy for Military Purposes” by Henry D.. SmythThis document was released to the general public by the United States War Department on August 12th, 1945, just days after nuclear weapons had been dropped on Japan (Hiroshima on August 6th and Nagasaki on August 9th). The author, Prof. Henry D. Smyth of Princeton University, had worked on the Manhattan Project since early 1941, was involved in a variety of theoretical and practical aspects of the effort, and possessed security clearances which gave him access to all of the laboratories and production facilities involved in the project. In May, 1944, Smyth, who had suggested such a publication, was given the go ahead by the Manhattan Project’s Military Policy Committee to prepare an unclassified summary of the bomb project. This would have a dual purpose: to disclose to citizens and taxpayers what had been done on their behalf, and to provide scientists and engineers involved in the project a guide to what they could discuss openly in the postwar period: if it was in the “Smyth Report” (as it came to be called), it was public information, otherwise mum’s the word.

The report is a both an introduction to the physics underlying nuclear fission and its use in both steady-state reactors and explosives, production of fissile material (both separation of reactive Uranium-235 from the much more abundant Uranium-238 and production of Plutonium-239 in nuclear reactors), and the administrative history and structure of the project. Viewed as a historical document, the report is as interesting in what it left out as what was disclosed. Essentially none of the key details discovered and developed by the Manhattan Project which might be of use to aspiring bomb makers appear here. The key pieces of information which were not known to interested physicists in 1940 before the curtain of secrecy descended upon anything related to nuclear fission were inherently disclosed by the very fact that a fission bomb had been built, detonated, and produced a very large explosive yield.... [Read More]


Who would believe this garbage?

Have you been watching the Trump coverage of CNN or MSNBC, or reading the New York Times and thought who actually believes this garbage? I mean it’s so blatant about their bias at this point that I figured even lefties knew it was crap right? Wrong. Now I try not argue about politics during Thanksgiving dinner but the hubs has this cousin who falls in line with every single leftist talking point. I usually call him out on his hypocrisy because he changes his views with as often as any other cable news channel does he has no self awareness, and has always been like that. What surprised me was that some in laws who were of the “moderate Democrat” type believed whatever CNN said about this impeachment accusation, too. That I’m supposed to believe all of the civil servants testifying against the president because they are good and honorable people. WHAT!!??? I remember a time when the left was dubious about authority now just because they have a job in the government they are the paragons of virtue. They sounded like every pundit Rush has in his media montages. I think my problem is I figured that most people had at least a modicum of curiosity or some BS detector. Nope, never underestimate the power of denial, especially when politics is your religion, and things aren’t going your way. The positive thing about this is that the brain dead leftists were the old folks. Rich, boomers actually. Sorry, boomers but the boomer stereotype exists for a reason. However, my hubby’s college aged cousins weren’t buying it. I think the kids are waking up.


The Great Indie Black Friday Cyber Monday $0.99 Book Sale!

The term “Black Friday” arose in 1960s Philadelphia when police officers’ leave was cancelled to deal with the crowds, traffic, and disorder that often followed the massive post-Thanksgiving Day shopping event. Now, we add a new chapter to Black Friday history with a massive online book sale.

Some of today’s top indie authors are offering great deals on their work for Black Friday/Cyber Monday – all these books are either $0.99 each or free (set by the author or publisher, so please confirm before buying). There’s something for everyone: adventure, science fiction, fantasy, mystery, and above all, great story telling.

Check out all these great deals, below the break.

Update: Amazon is offering a $5 credit when you buy $20 or more in eBooks! Added additional books from Fenton Wood, Robert Kroese, and Daniel Humphreys.

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After the Feast

11 pm; my guests just retired to bed. I’m happy! The turkey was perfect. So was my pecan pie. One of our perennial guests, who, when we go around the table making toasts, usually contents himself with a laconic mention of turkey, surprised us all with a gracious and articulate expression of gratitude for our company! And all of our children gave heartfelt tributes ( which we parents reciprocated, close to tears!)

When dinner was over, we had an impromptu Christmas caroling session in front of the fire. ... [Read More]


Gratefulness and Common Grace (a re-post)

[F]or he makes His sun rise on the evil and on the good, and sends rain on the just and on the unjust. ~Matthew 5:45b

Somehow we survive on this small blue planet, we fragile bipeds vulnerable to the elements, to disease, to time, and to each other. Logically, our lot is sustained misery, ended only by a merciful death. Yet mankind has done far more than survive. Our life experiences are a rich intermingling of joy and angst, satisfaction and boredom, love and suffering. We look back on our early years and we remember carefree, secure innocence. Centuries’ worth accumulated knowledge was ours to study. Next we loved, and married, and cherished children. We are paid well for skills that we are pleased to perform. And all this while we are nourished with good food, warmed with comfortable clothing, and aided when we are ill.... [Read More]