Murder, He Zaid

Okay after THIS (Soxy, how come I can’t italicize in my drafts any more, and hafta resort to caps for emphasis?) I am closing my IPad, getting dressed and going about my business of the day, I promise. But:
Is this bozo Mark Zaid, Esq., who has been openly advocating political assassination since Trump’s inauguration,an effing Muslim? Looks like it.
How apt: Zayd in the Koran is Mohammed’s faithful scribe, the Prophet’s amanuensis.
Is there anything more that need be said?
Oh but they’re not ALL like that….

[Admin10:I put capitalized words in italics.]


3 thoughts on “Murder, He Zaid”

  1. Does Bill Kristol or Jen Rubin not being Muslim make them better?  Just about all of the deep state types are not Muslims.  This one moron being Muslim means nothing.  He’s a tool regardless of what he worships.


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