Back to School for the Children of Israel

It seems illogical that American Jews aren’t out there wearing MAGA hats and giving their money to Trump 2020. His children married into the faith, he has Jewish grandchildren! He moved our embassy to Jerusalem where it manifestly belongs! Find me one, just one, anti-Semitic remark he has ever made. They can not, not seriously, believe he welcomed or “did not disavow” David Duke’s support. (Actually he disavowed it immediately, after having to ask “Who dat?”)
I think the Jews feel that dislike of, or singling out, any “sub-group” in our society will eventually lead to another holocaust. Whoever it starts with, it will end with the Jews. That’s why they bled and died in the Civil Rights movement. (oh, you’re WELCOME, “Reverends” Farrakhan and Sharpton!) That’s why they defend and attempt to ally with Muslims, their avowed enemies.
Is everybody on the Right an anti-Semite? Sadly there are some prominent horrible examples. I kinda liked the sassy Nick Fuentes, especially his free speech stance, his fearlessness against the Muslim cabal— but uh oh, he’s a Holocaust denier. Damn it Nick, why’d’ya have to go and ruin it all?
Okay: CAN one abhor Islam without ALSO abhorring the other, original, Semitic Faith, culture, race? What’s the difference, after all?
A LOT! is the answer; and I don’t see why Jews won’t join us, their Gentile friends like me, in emphasizing the differences!
Judaism has never been out for world conquest. Islam has been from its inception. The Prophet was a general, who led 15 military campaigns in the decade between his revelation and his death. Judaism has never made war on other faiths— no, not even in the OT: God exhorts the Israelites to eliminate some pagan tribe which is in the way, but He doesn’t say..”unless they accept your faith”. Oh and BTW: the first people Muslims were exhorted to massacre? U guessed it, Jews, any the Khybar Oasis. S’why they still have a weapon they call a “Khybar”. Judaism believes, and alway has, that it is the rightful owner and denizen of only ONE tiny area of the globe, constant throughout its history. Judaism does not proselytize and never has. I’ve read that a would-be convert has to inquire three times before the prospect will even be considered, and then, it’s a rigorous process. Islam offers instantaneous submission—or the sword. Jews have enriched, and widely shared their talents with, every land to which they’ve been dispersed. Muslims believe they are either living in the Dar-al-Islam, or the Dar-al-Harb: land of war, with a duty to alter it by Violent jihad. And, uh, what’ve Muslims done for civilization lately, since algebra, I mean?
Had enuf? Cuz I could go on….
So yes, a person CAN logically and emotionally recognize the avowed threat posed by Muslim colonization of our country, by means illegal or legal, as Trump has done, WITHOUT being in danger of sooner or later inevitably turning against the Jews.
I hope and pray the American Children of Israel can absorb that lesson, before it’s too late.
Because: Yahweh preserve them! if Islam achieves its openly avowed goal to convert the US to part of the Dar-al-Islam.


3 thoughts on “Back to School for the Children of Israel”

  1. I have heard variants on this question asked from time to time.  Sometimes it is phrased like this:

    “Why are the Jews their own worst enemy?”

    Responses vary.

    I have heard it said that the Orthodox Jews are so busy tending to their children that they don’t have time for politics.

    Aside from the Orthodox, other Jews are Leftists, so they can be counted on to put Leftism ahead of Jewish interests.   At the very least, Leftist Jews can be counted on to live in a Leftist bubble where they take their news from Leftist sources and distrust other sources of information.

  2. Hypatia:
    Judaism has never made war on other faiths— no, not even in the OT: God exhorts the Israelites to eliminate some pagan tribe which is in the way, but He doesn’t say..”unless they accept your faith”.

    One little historical quibble.

    In 110-109 BC, John Hyrcanus (nephew of Juda Maccabee, grandson of Mattathias Hasmon) conquered Edom, or Idumea, the area that includes Petra.   He made them get circumcised and convert to Jewish.

    That is the only military-forced mass conversion to Judaism I can think of.

    (It did not turn out all that well from the Jewish perspective, though I think it was providential.   The sons of the most prominent Idumean families were taken to the Jewish court in Jerusalem, where they were enlisted in the government to help rule the enlarged lands under control of King John Hyrcanus.   The son of one of them was Antipater, who befriended King John’s son Hyrcanus.  Hyrcanus became king after a war with his brother.   It was Antipater who talked Hyrcanus in to throwing in with the Romans to help Julius Caesar out of a Jam in Egypt.   Antipater thereby became a ‘Friend of Caesar,’ which is how his son Herod ended up becoming King of the Jews.)


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