Iconoclast protesters loot Catholic churches

This is a story from Chile.  Or, perhaps it is a non-story from Chile.

Street protests turned violent in Santiago last week, and have persisted into this week.  Anti-government protesters have been wearing masks, looking like AntiFa anarchists, and attacking government buildings.

Of course, once Leftist mobs turn violent, it is unlikely that their energy will maintain focus.  They soon attacked another target.   Catholic churches became prey for the mob.  Several were looted for materials to add to street barricades.  Statues of Jesus and Mary were destroyed.

So, is this a story, or isn’t it?

A search of Google News turns up nothing about the churches; only sketchy accounts of antigovernment street protests.  What did get some coverage was the singer who staged a topless protest at the Latin Grammys.  Tits sell, I suppose; that is why it is called titillation, right?

The story is only to be found on conservative Catholic niche media, like Church Militant.  Otherwise, crickets.   Even Crux, a liberal Catholic outlet, had a long story about Chile, and left out the part about Catholic churches getting looted by the mobs.

Chilean protesters have a reason to be angry at the Church of Rome, of course.  They had their own scandal about homosexual predator priests being covered up by bad boy bishops, with Pope Francis going there and praising the bishop, even though he knew about the queer predatory sex and about the coverups.

We can guess, I suppose, about the media silence.   First, this is third world.   Second, it looks bad for Pope Francis.  Third, it looks bad for Leftist street protesters.

So, I am putting this story here, not because I think any of you care about Chileans or about Catholics in third world countries.  I just want to give y’all another reason to hate and oppose mass media.  They are failing at the basics of journalism.   Learn to use the term “journalistic malpractice.”

Use it a lot.   They are the Enemy of the People.


5 thoughts on “Iconoclast protesters loot Catholic churches”

  1. This is another case where you can learn a lot more facts from my favorite media critics than you will ever learn from mass media.


    They pointed out that Associated Press did produce a story, but very few newspapers carried it.   I got the photo from the AP site.


    Church Militant article:


  2. Any question about whether we are in the Time of His Return should be put to rest when one considers the tribulations that the Church has endured for all to see since the new millennium. Consider the decimation of the Church in the Middle East, the desecration of the Church at the hands of its clergy, and the destruction of the Church by demon possessed humanists in the West. The Church is under attack and for the time being it is a desperate time, but take heart because He is near and ultimately the Church will win.

  3. This is the tragedy of Chile.

    First, this is third world.

    Chile need not be part of the third world and, the two times I visited, in 2010 and 2013, I didn’t get that vibe at all.  This was a “developing country” which had crossed the threshold where things worked, most people considered things developed and getting better, and there were abundant human and natural resources to build a sustainable prosperous society.  Further, there was the memory of the alternative: Allende communism and the Pinochet purgative of its damage.  Chile was considered one of the freest places in the world, and I was seriously considering moving there.

    And then, as so often happens, the wreckage happened.  They elected a Socialist, and the entirely predictable downspiral began.

    Here’s the thing.  This pattern happens again and again, with dismaying regularity, in Latin America.  A country falls into the latrine, pulls itself out (often in a painful and bloody process), sets things aright, and then votes in the wreckers again and down they go.

    This will increasingly be the trajectory of the United States, as it has imported an electorate with the same inclinations of the fragile republics south of the border and done nothing to assimilate them to the culture and governance which distinguishes the U.S. from its southern neighbours.


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