The Craft

O Ratty, if you appreciate the actor’s craft, please go see the movie The Good Liar . Helen Mirren and, especially, Ian McKellen, are….I would say superb, but that’s so trite. It is a display of consummate skill. I’ve never seen her onstage, but I did see him do Lear. It was compelling, a movie, every shot is a closeup, and these two people, every moment! manage consummate and mesmerizing control over every muscle in their faces, every message in their gazes. It’s not to be missed.


3 thoughts on “The Craft”

  1. 10 Cents:
    What is this movie about?

    It’s about an aging con man who sets out to seduce women and steal their fortunes.  But, as per Mirren’s last line, “It’s deeper than it looks!”


  2. I’ll also throw in some kudos here for the Netflix series “The Kominsky Method” – also about actors, but Michael Douglas & Alan Arkin are both heart-tugging and funny. Have only watched a few episodes but it’s looking really good.


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