Richard IV

The skeleton of Richard III of England was discovered a few years ago, ignominiously reposing beneath a public garage, (making him the “par-King, hee hee, sorry!) Of course there’s been a school of revisionist thought about the monarch Shakespeare so unforgettably villainized. But the deformed despot has, generally, been someone we love to hate.

And so has our last American Richard: Nixon.

Had there ever (till now, at least) been a president the Left hated soooo much? And has the Left ever had a better time than the glory days when he left office in disgrace, leaving the innocuous Gerald Ford to shuffle around keeping the lights and heat on in the White House until 1976 when ANY Dem, even the toothy, sanctimonious Jimmy, was guaranteed to sweep into Washington on the tide of distaste for Nixon!

But wait: there WAS sump’n to like about Tricky Dick in retrospect during October 2016: he lost the 1960 election very narrowly, but he decided not to contest it. Nixon the gracious loser. Anybody remember those articles? That was when the Dems suffered so much angst about the fact that sure-loser Trump might not just go away quietly. (No, I know, I just won’t even…)

And NOW, lo: the once despiséd Richard riseth again: Pelosi said “At least Nixon cared enough about the country to resign”. (And do thou likewise,’s the LEAST you could do, just like it would’ve been only decent of you to accept the result if Dems had rigged 2016 like they did 1960…j
So um, the only way Trump can possibly redeem himself in the eyes of history at this point is if he BAILS OUT ON COMPLETING THE JOB THE AMERICAN PEOPLE ELECTED HIM TO DO! Nothing in his term could become him so well as the abandoning of it! She now likes the evil Nixon, proving himself a patriot at the last by falling upon—not HIS sword, but the one the Dems were obligingly pressing to his gut.
BE Nixon, gracious loser, abdicator in chief! That is the only proper rôle for a Republican in THIS day’n’age, c’mon, man!
And if you do, well, we can’t promise anything, but..maybe..some day…
..we’ll forgive even you! Hold YOU up. as a worthy example of a president who did the “right“thing because he personally could not endure any more persecution by the Left.

…You wish, Nanny. Nice nap? Wakey-wakey!


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  1. Correction, (minor in nature), his bones were found buried under a “car park”. A “car park” is a parking lot.

    According to the BBC…

    In August 2012, an excavation began in a city council car park – the only open space remaining in the likely area – which quickly identified buildings connected to the church.

    Indicative of a Parking Lot as we know it to be an open space.

  2. Yeah, I know, GD.  I was trying to avoid using the word “parking” before my brilliant wordplay, but…no fooling the Mischief!  I indeed diluted the force of my post with this inaccuracy.  (I know: it was soooo not worth it!)
    If cars hadn’t been invented,  Richard III’s poor bones woulda never been found!  The horse poop, which was deep  enough in cities worldwide by 1900 to prompt an international conference about the mephitic and marshy accumulation, with no end in sight (except the “ends” of the ubiquitous equines!) would have been far deeper than the depth of construction excavations by the early 21st century.  There is SOME kinda irony, then,  in one of the penultimate utterances  of Shakespeare’s monarch:”My kingdom for a horse!”

  3. Seawriter:
    The good news was they found his body in a car park. The bad news was they could not find his ticket so he had to pay the day rate.

    The good news was they found his body in a car park. The bad news was they could not find his ticket so he had to pay the day rate.

    The good news was they found his body in a car park. The bad news was they could not find his ticket so he had to pay the day rate.

    i suspect they had a hunch they might find him there…..

  4. Hypatia:
    And NOW, lo: the once despiséd Richard riseth again: Pelosi said “At least Nixon cared enough about the country to resign”

    Lefty always pulls this stunt. Bush II was literally Hitler until he was rehabilitated as an honorable, albeit misguided, buffoon. Eventually, he’ll become a beloved president from the past who had some interesting ideas.

    This is pure Orwellian-quality propaganda and the foolish Republicans fall for it every single time. Next time it’ll be different. Actually, next time might be different because I’m not sure Lefty will ever get over Orange Man Bad because he really broke their stuff, unlike his rehabilitated predecessors. Would there have been Groypers without Trump or would Zoomers have just turned out to be Millennials, the Reboot?

  5. Hypatia:
    Had there ever (till now, at least) been a president the Left hated soooo much?

    Prolly not, on account of he pursued Alger Hiss to successful prosecution, right?

  6. G.D.:

    Nixon left because of Watergate. PERIOD.

    Nixon left because it was clear he would be impeached and that there were enough votes in the Senate to make it a very close call whether he would be removed from office.  He chose to avoid all of the political gridlock that would accompany the process.   He was concerned that America needed to avoid the super focus on domestic affairs at that juncture in the Cold War; he wanted America to maintain vigilance while the Soviets were adventuring.

    He was prescient.   America did not live up to Nixon’s hopes.   The Democrats were so focused on exploiting their political advantage that they were unable and unwilling to monitor the Soviets.  In fact, shortly after they exploited their political advantage, it became necessary to squelch information and news about Soviet adventuring.  Leftist mass media helped the Democrats hide the fact that their pullout from Vietnam resulted in a half million murders there by the victorious North Vietnamese.  They successfully hid the news about the Cambodian Killing Fields; Americans did not find out about that until years later; it would have been embarrassing to admit that their policy had led to 3.5 million more murders.   During the Carter Administration, Soviets took advantage of American political paralysis and pushed proxy wars that put Communists in power in Angola, Ethiopia, Eritrea, Mozambique, Nicaragua and Somalia, and fought but failed in Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Chad, El Salvador, Indonesia Yemen, and Zaire.

    A lot of strife and global murder by Communists might have been avoided if Richard Nixon had been willing to throw some of his low level minions under the bus.

  7. Agreed MJB, because as I recall,Nixon didn’t direct his guys to commit the break-in, he just engaged in the “cover-up”. Tragically he believed “executive privilege” was a bulwark never failing.

    I think it was also his hypocrisy, or what the nation perceived as that.  When Billy Graham said he had thrown up after hearing  his devout Christian ally’s  profanity- laced tapes,  all middle America leaned gagging over the toilet.

    There would not BE an Israel today if Nixon hadn’t re-armed them after 1973.  👍 OTOH, he did  create the EPA👎

  8. Hypatia:
    OTOH, he did  create the EPA👎

    I don’t fault Richard Nixon for the EPA, either.   We did need environmental regulations.  And, environmental regulations worked.   Polluted rivers are still polluted, but much less so now than they were then.  Our air quality continued to decline, until air quality started to improve, and the air in American cities is better now than it was 25 years before the Environmental Protection Act was signed by Nixon in 1969.

    The problems with EPA came from three sources:

    1. Bureaucratic inertia, the tendency of every government agency to grow and grow.

    2. Environmentalist ambitions.  Who else but mother-earth-worshipping Greenie-Weenies would want to make a career out of monitoring huge databases of reports on pollution?

    3. Lazy Congress.  Congress passed items like the Clean Water Act and the Clean Air Act.  But rather than debate the details down in the weeds, they wrote broad powers to the EPA bureaucrats who were tasked with deciding the threshold values of the various potential pollutants.

    Typical government run amuck.  It is hard to fault Nixon for fifty years of bureaucratic encrustation.   The original Environmental Protection Act had majorities of both Democrats and Republicans.

  9. Quite right, MJB!  The EPA eventually morphed into B. Hussein’s Praetorian Guard, but Nixon can’t be held responsible for that.

    it was a good idea and a very American idea!  We did a great job, as only we Yanks coulda done, cleaning up the air and the water.

    And the EPA shoulda stuck to its domestic mission to do so.  Didja see that article on AG, America’s Troubled Waters?  It’s depressing to know there are places in our country where the water isn’t potable.  To hell with “climate change”, and also never mind wetlands for now:  get busy replacing those leaky pipes!


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