No *** November

I don’t want to flag any algorithms, so I want to keep it clean. I have said in the past that I like to see what the kids are up to so that I am aware of youth culture. My daughter thinks this is weird but I will have the last laugh.

Anyway, there is a new thing, that young men online are doing called No Nut November. Basically, it is for young men to agree to stop watching porn and doing the activity that goes along with that for the entire month of November. If they fall off the wagon, they have to pledge to put up this coomer meme as their avatar. It is an online accountability community. This is awesome. Online porn is a plague to society and has done a lot of damage to young men, and women too. So this kind of online support mechanism to help men break their porn addiction is a great development.

The other interesting thing is the backlash to this. Now, maybe I’m old fashioned but I remember when the idea of watching porn and the activity that went along with it was frowned upon by society. Not so much anymore. The backlash is the biggest tell. It seems those in the upper ranks want to keep young men, docile and compliant. The best way to do that is to distract them with sex.

Paul Joseph Watson explains below. Check it out and let me know what you think.


26 thoughts on “No *** November”

  1. drlorentz:

    I took the videos as a sign that perhaps our society is maturing and healing, seeking freedom from excess and lack of self control.

    Yes, but the backlash against it is a sign of immaturity and misandry.

    But those last two things are good. “Two X good XY bad.” ” Greta Forever”


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