Tesla Announces the Cybertruck

Tesla has just announced the Cybertruck, an electric-powered utility vehicle to be available in three models priced at US$39,900 (single motor rear wheel drive), US$ 49,900 (dual motor all wheel drive), and US$ 69,900 (tri-motor all wheel drive).  The range varies between 250 miles (400 km) for the least expensive model to 500 miles (800 km) for the most expensive.  More details are available on Wikipedia.

The design is…curious.  It reminded me of this.

The Homer (Homer Simpson's dream car)

The name recalls this passage from Rudy Rucker’s 1994 novel, The Hacker and the Ants, in which the villain is modeled on me.

The funny thing about the “cyber” prefix was that it had always meant bulls***.

Back in the 1940s, the story went, MIT doubledome Norbert Weiner had wanted a title for a book he’d written about the electronic control of machines. Claude Shannon, also known as The Father of Information Theory, told Weiner to call his book Cybernetics. The academic justification for the word was that the “cyber” root came from the Greek word for “rudder”.  A “kybernetes” was a steersman, or, by extension, a mechanical governor such as a weight-and-pulley feedback device you might hook to your tiller to keep your sailboat aimed at some fixed angle into the wind. The practical justification for the word was contained in Shannon’s advice to Weiner: “Use the word ‘cybernetics’, Norbert, because nobody knows what it means. This will always put you at an advantage in arguments.”

A Cybertruck model with full-cabin pressurisation is envisioned for use as an amphibious vehicle and for use on Mars.


Author: John Walker

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39 thoughts on “Tesla Announces the Cybertruck”

  1. time for a Crocodile Dundee moment: “That’s not a truck…Now THATS a Truck!!!”

    Ford has an electric F150 rolling out with some interesting specs, and it still is a truck. Methinks Elon lost his moment. He needed to be different more than great.

  2. I’m not impressed with the glass. I bought a glass top table in 1975 or 6, after watching the salesman slam it a time or two with a sledge hammer. I just had the seats re-cushioned, and it is still sitting in my kitchen. Frame for table and chairs are wrought iron.

  3. Many youtubers have pointed out that Model X range can drop below 100 miles if towing a large load.

    Seems that there are going to be a bunch of dead CyberTrucks at Burning Man 2024.


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