Does Anyone Believe Nancy?

If you have to stop everything and tell everyone that you don’t hate someone, you probably aren’t very good at showing love.

Does anyone believe that Nancy Pelosi wants the best for President Trump? As I have stated before, I think a key sign of hypocrisy is a rush to judgment. It is the person who wants to cast the first stone and fails to see their own faults. Also it is the draping one’s life with the religious flag. They need to explicitly say how righteous they are. They want to be seen by people as being good. Usually the good people around us let their actions speak louder than their words. They have no need to say they are prayerfully doing things because we get a sense of their holiness.

There is a Japanese proverb that has to do with humility. The rice plant with a lot of fruit bows low. Conversely, the barren often stands upright and proud.


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