9 thoughts on “Two Years of Ratburger”

  1. Here are some statistics on the Ratburger.org development project so far:

    • Files with custom code: 60
    • Total lines of local code (fixes and custom features): 3814
    • Total commits to GitHub source code repository: 378
    • WordPress plug-ins used by the site: 32, including two custom-developed for Ratburger
    • Words in site’s software development log: 168,426 (almost all posted on the Updates Group)
    • Site outages/system crashes in two years of operation: 2
    • Scheduled restarts to install updates and security patches: 37 (typical downtime less than 3 minutes)
    • Database size (posts, comments, groups, etc.): 796 Mb
    • User uploads (images, audio, video, etc.): 4.7 Gb
    • Spammers’/attackers’ sites blocked by custom automatic firewall: 4282 (includes IP ranges of rogue ISPs)
  2. John, thanks for keeping the lights on here. I just discovered earlier today that you spend around $200 a month to keep this place running. That’s so generous. Really, thanks. ❤️


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