Best Posts of 2019

Someone was saying how they appreciated the content on the site and sometimes missed good posts so I was wondering which posts in 2019 got you* thinking, taught, or entertained you.  I won’t give my list till later because I want to hear from you first.

List (I will add to it from the comment. )

  1.  45th Parallel
  2.  WikiArt “Artwork of the Day”
  3. How Pink Slime Saved Sushi
  4. Saying Goodbye–to a House
  5. Scaevola’s Cat Thought of the Week* (#8)

*I am writing to the non-Oregon Ducks fans.


9 thoughts on “Best Posts of 2019”

  1. What a dilemma!   I have many tasks to complete today, but as I sip my morning coffee to wake up, I decide surely a quick peek for new posts at Ratburger will not create much of a time loss, right?   Wrong.

    As soon as I opened Ratburger and I saw this post I was sure my vote would go to @Trinitywaters, 45th Parallel, such a beautiful photo, I could gaze into it all day but sadly not this day, as I’ve mentioned I’ve loads to do.  But first, just a quick read of @Sawatdeeka ‘s Saying Goodbye…  hmmm, I found myself lost in thought, reminiscing about my own home of 26 years; I too am facing a downsize move.

    With a sigh as i notice the clock, I move forward.  But only as far as @Roxie ‘s Pink Slime (I was hungry; I’ve yet to break fast from last night).   Oh My!  Now I am in trouble!  So far, I’ve read a long but excellent article about algae, bought some Kona Coffee (a link on the Slime page), subscribed to a YouTube channel, printed a recipe of sorts, AND, signed-up for a newsletter!   Productive? Yes.  But these tasks were NOT on the To Do list for today!

    As I pause to catch my breath I realize time has again been running forward without me!   But just one more quick click before I go … OK?   Oops, I guess not.  There has been nothing quick about my day since I entered the next post on the list.  This time ‘my change of plans’ is Thanks to @jzdro ‘s Art of Day post.   Did I get lost for ‘just a moment’?  Not quite.   I’ve been lost for several, no, many, many minutes looking at the art shown on WikiArt.  I may need an intervention.

    Oh!  Thank goodness, My FitBit has saved me!  It has begun buzzing insistently with a message to ‘Get moving!’

    Got to go.   A closing comment:   Thanks for all the presents received this year from the Ratburger contributing members!   There have been far too many for me to choose among and select a favorite, thus I shall make THIS post by @10Cents my favorite … Best Bundle of the Year, and it was Free!  Sorta.


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