I’m happier now…

I have been cleaning my basement of years, (25+), of hording, well sort of hording. In the process I rediscovered a set of three models that I had ordered and were hard to get. They were for my future HO scale railroad. The three were models or kits that when completed would be very accurate renditions of a REAL Steam Shovel. One that was powered by steam! I set these aside knowing they were valuable. When they were available the cost was in the area of $20 each, Now, I don’t know if they are available, but at last look, the company that made them no longer existed.

I went looking for where I put them, sort of wanting to drool over the kits, but I could not find them! I was heart broken, I thought they were mistakenly thrown away or fell into a trash bag and now are a tiny tiny part of landfill.

I found them!

Christmas present to myself?

Completed they may be about two and a half inches high maybe four inches long and about an inch wide.

These will be very intricate to build and maybe take about 20 to 40 or so hours each. These ain’t like your old fashion plastic model cars, these have crazy fine details on them.

Sorry I just had to share this.


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  1. My step-dad loves model trains. He would get a kick out of this. Me? I love looking at them but I ain’t got that kind of patience. Dime is right though, would love to see pics when finished.


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