TOTD 2019-12-24: The Resolutionary

This Christmas Eve I am thinking of a babe in a manger. What made him so special? Why is he not forgotten? My thought for this day is that he brought resolution. He was a resolutionary.

In our lives we count ourselves lucky to have people who make things better instead of worse. A person who calms the fears and fixes the “broken toy”.  They turn up in the most unlikely of places. But when they do their presence is felt.

There was a stable genius born in the town of Bethlehem. It might have even been on December 25th so I wish you all a Merry Merry Christmas.


3 thoughts on “TOTD 2019-12-24: The Resolutionary”

  1. Bless you, Sockie, and all denizens of Ratburger!

    Feeling sentimental and grateful this drizzly grey Christmas eve.

    Merry Christmas Spirit to all!

  2. A Christmas Prayer

    Great Creator of all Things,

    We are nothing compared to your power.

    We are not the best selves you made us to be.

    We fail the tests you send us.

    We fail to love each other as You love us.

    We cannot forgive ourselves.

    Today we celebrate God born among us

    Today we celebrate God as us.

    It is through you Son, that we understand You Know

    You Know our deepest fears, You Know we are unworthy.

    It is through Your Son that we Know You love us.

    Lord, we celebrate you send Your Son to teach us

    That we are loved by You, despite our failing your tests.

    You love us even though we are not our best selves

    You love us in ways we cannot love ourselves.

    We cannot understand your Grace, but we Know it is real.

    We Thank You for today, that we can celebrate as family,

    And we rededicate our gifts to your service,

    To be your hands to “unto the least of these”.

    Bless this food to nourish our bodies to Your Service.


    In Jesus Name we pray, Amen


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