Candace Owens Video

This came up on my video feed. If you haven’t watched it catch a few minutes of her talk. Anywhere on the video will be good.

It amazes me that she is this comfortable speaking in front of that many people. To use the old Mr T line “I pity the Lieu fool” who goes up against her.


3 thoughts on “Candace Owens Video”

  1. ?Why are you amazed she can talk so well. She is a bright, active, vivacious young lady who knows her subject and simply speaks to truth.

    I would be more amazed there are not more people who are willing to stand up and say what she says. Abortion has slaughtered more blacks than I suspect the South did. It’s 21 million and counting so far. This on a population of about 11% of the nation (or about 35 million).


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