Virtue Signaling Rubber Hits the Reality Road

The WSJ reports that Microsoft had to do some unexpected carbon emitting:

Hours after Microsoft Corp. pledged to eliminate its carbon emissions within a decade earlier this month, the company was forced to fire up fossil fuel generators to power its corporate campus in Fargo, N.D.... [Read More]


“Vote for My Vice-President!”

By now Biden’s remark “I’m an old guy! “ is famous. Some say it was a blunder, some compare it to Reagan’s brilliant answer when debating Mondale. “So young and inexperienced.”

But what about the context of the remark? He was saying that because he’s old, his running mate has to be someone prepared to be president at a moment’ notice.... [Read More]


A shift in the weather

Senator Lamar Alexander:

“If this shallow, hurried and wholly partisan impeachment were to succeed, it would rip the country apart, pouring gasoline on the fire of cultural divisions that already exist,” Alexander said. “It would create the weapon of perpetual impeachment to be used against future presidents whenever the House of Representatives is of a different political party.”... [Read More]


Daniel Hannan: “You are losing a bad tenant, but gaining a good neighbour.”

Daniel Hannan, Conservative member of the European “Parliament” for South East England since 1999, gave his final speech in that institution yesterday, prior to Britain’s departure from the European Union on 2020-01-31.  He notes that the inevitable crack-up of the “European Project” began with the Maastricht Treaty in 1992 and the subsequent steamrolling of European integration into a railroad-era continental-scale empire over the referenda, objections, and democratic institutions of its unwilling subjects.... [Read More]


Peace At Any Price?

As we drive to the clay pigeon shooting range yesterday, my Beloved MD remarked, “All I know is, there has never before been a president who had such an effect on my personal life!” He meant, that we can’t talk freely to strangers is one thing, but Trump’s election has divided our family (and, I’m afraid he also meant, pretty much commandeered his wife’s mind and emotions…)

That last is not true, really, and you, O Ratty, can verify that by perusing the variety of subjects I’ve posted about here. (You know how spouses are, always pickin’ on sump’n!) No, Trump is not the only thing I care about!
But he’s right: I care more, and devote more energy, to all things Trump than I ever have to any president in our lifetimes. ... [Read More]


General Bovine Excrement.

OK, Ratties, this is just a post about General Bovine Excrement.

How was your day, Mine was pretty much OK, just a little while ago I returned from a reunion of sorts with four more of my grammar school buddies that are living in the area. We originally had nine males to eighteen females in our grammar school class. As far as I know there are only six males remaining, five in this area, as to the females, well there are about fourteen remaining and how many in the area, I dunno. We get together about every six weeks for pizza, (2 trays), and beer, (3 pitchers). It’s pretty much a good thing and I like it.... [Read More]


ChiCom Spying

The chairman of Harvard’s chemistry department, Charles Lieber, has been arrested and charged with taking money from the ChiComs and lying about it.*  He was paid $50k per month plus about $150k in living expenses to work with the Wuhan University of Technology (WUT).† This was part of China’s Thousand Talents Plan, a wedge into Western scientific institutions to steal IP. The professor’s arrangement with the ChiComs entitled WUT to plant researchers in his department.

In January 2013, Lieber signed an agreement for a five-year “cooperative research program” on behalf of Harvard—without consulting Harvard officials—allowing WUT researchers a two-month visit to his department at Harvard each year, the complaint said.

He also received $1.5 million for establishing a joint research lab at WUT using Harvard’s name and logo without Harvard’s knowledge, a violation of the school’s policy, the document said. When confronted by Harvard officials, he lied by saying WUT acted without his consent.... [Read More]


The Republic? You CAN’T Keep It.

I’m flashin’ on the Maginot Line, that row of armament built by the French after WWI, aimed at Germany. Never again! Uh, except the guns were stationary. They could only fire in one direction. The Krauts just avoided the invariable line of fire, and: cue La Débâcle!

Because, we know the Dems could never get the Constitution amended to eliminate the Electoral College. We felt secure in that redoubt.... [Read More]