Now That’s A Deplorable!

The sign is electrified.

We need more of these guys. Next, acid coated MAGA hats.


Author: TKC 1101

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4 thoughts on “Now That’s A Deplorable!”

  1. ctlaw:
    I prefer remote controlled weapons stations.

    Like Mr. Walker would say; “Sharks with frikin laser beams attached to their heads”.

    [video width="640" height="336" mp4=""][/video]

  2. Okay,  I loooove  the comment about the “MAGA-watts”!

    Liability-wise, I don’t owe no duty of care to a trespasser except the duty to warn…but this landowner obviously expected people would trespass in order to steal the sign, so, does that make it an”attractive nuisance”, which he had a duty to make safe even for trespassers? You can’t set up some weapon to inflict bodily harm in defense of property.  A shrieking siren activated by touch woulda been a safer choice, but certainly wouldn’t have made as satisfying a video!


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