Judicial Watch Email on Clinton Emails

Judicial Watch (JW — no, the other JW) has done landmark work on the Clinton emails front, forcing production of information that would otherwise never have seen the light of day.  A recent email (and article) gives a great rundown of the miserable saga so far, and the scandal-within-a-scandal of the FBI continuing to cover for the lawless and anti-American Obama administration and its above-the-law principals.

The upshot is that the FBI appears to be slow-rolling the release of additional Clinton emails bit by bit in order to comply, minimally, with FOIA lawsuits brought about by JW.

The State Department previously claimed it had produced all responsive Clinton emails, including emails recovered by the FBI that Hillary Clinton tried to destroy or withhold. The State Department initially claimed all responsive emails had been produced in 2018, but then found more emails, which were produced, for the first time, early last year. Then in November 2019, the State Department first disclosed to the court that the FBI had found this latest batch of emails.

The emails were produced thanks to our Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) lawsuit for all of Clinton’s government emails sent or received on her secret server system (Judicial Watch v. U.S. Department of State (No. 1:15-cv-00687)). We sought:

All emails sent and received by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton in her official capacity as Secretary of State, as well as all emails by other State Department employees to Secretary Clinton regarding her non-“state.gov” email address.

Here’s what we found.

In an email Clinton’s personal email, dated January 23, 2012, former-British Prime Minister Tony Blair sends details that were redacted as classified.

In a email containing classified information dated August 30, 2011, Jeffrey Feltman, then-Assistant Secretary for the Bureau of Near Eastern Affairs suggested Clinton meet Lebanese Prime Minister Najib Mikati in Paris to talk about Syria and other issues.

In an email exchange on August 31, 2011, Clinton top aide Huma Abedin says she sent Clinton “a couple text messages,” and offers to “send Monica [Hanley] to hamptons to help you get organized.”

In an email sent on April 10, 2012, Clinton forwards to her then-Deputy Chief of Staff Jacob Sullivan a memo on the Egyptian election campaign that includes information on the Muslim Brotherhood that she received from Sidney Blumenthal. In this memo, Blumenthal claims to have “Sources with access to the highest levels of the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, and Western intelligence and security services.”

And so on.  The mail / article goes on for literally pages, just providing links and descriptions to the findings.  While the article is laced with assumptions and conclusions, I use these terms gently, as the assumptions are reasonable and the conclusions are well-supported.  This is contrasted only with the copious flat-solid facts reported, which constitute the bulk of the article.  Mainstream journalism doesn’t produce pieces this well-document.


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  1. Haakon Dahl:
    The upshot is that the FBI appears to be slow-rolling the release of additional Clinton emails bit by bit in order to comply, minimally, with FOIA lawsuits brought about by JW.

    This is how the bureaucracy protects itself. Much as I’d like to see citizens with torches and pitchforks demanding heads on sticks, nothing will happen. One hopeful note: when I typed “torches and” my phone autocompleted with “pitchforks.” It knows me all too well. Next, I want to see “heads on” autocomplete with “sticks.”


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