Booker has Left the Race

Cory “Spartacus” Booker has stopped bringing diversity to the DemCans. He ended his candidacy. How can the nation survive without his  unique voice and outlook? (How can it survive with it?)

Here are the Remainers:

  1. Bennett
  2. Biden
  3. Bloomberg
  4. Buttigieg
  5. Delaney
  6. Gabbard
  7. Klobuchar
  8. Patrick
  9. Sanders
  10. Steyers
  11. Warren
  12. Yang

12 thoughts on “Booker has Left the Race”

  1. I’m thinking the field is set until after Iowa. Then there will be a mass exodus. After Iowa we could very well see Yang, Bennett ( I cant believe he is still in), and Patrick drop out. Bloomers  and Styer will stay in because they have enough personal money to make for a couple of months. Tulsi is gauging how NH goes. Klobuchar is going to interpret her 5 TH place finish in Iowa—the State next to her State—as viability and hang on until Super Tuesday. The remaining four—Plugs Biden, Fauxcahontas, Crazy Bernie, and Bootygrab—will battle it out for a while.


  2. EThompson:

    I think Booker left a long time ago.

    Remind me- when did he enter?

    In the mode of one of his predecessors, John Kerry, Booker left before he entered. Or something like that. One never knows what the heck a Democrat is actually saying. 😎


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