Champion Barr

I have great hope for Attorney General William P. Barr. He has staked out a position and seems to be marshaling the needed forces to hold that position. He clearly must be making them sweat, because the Resistance attacks on him are getting longer and more unhinged. The latest example is a very long hit piece that is the main feature in the New Yorker.

This latest hatchet job is by David Rohde. I do not recommend that you read it. I will supply a link in a comment.

Instead, read the take-down by Mollie. She rips it to pieces, not by defending Barr, whose defense she leaves to others. No, Mollie goes to work on turf that she owns. Her counterattack on Barr’s behalf is based on journalistic malpractice.

Mollie on the counterattack

The title of Mollie’s post is “27 Problems With Media’s Latest Failed Attack On Attorney General William Barr.”

Mollie delivers the goods. She lays out a bill of particulars with 27 numbered sections. Mollie presents a cavalcade of inaccuracies, incompletions, misdirections, lies, innuendos, distortions, misunderstandings, non-sequiturs, falsehoods, errors, and Fake News. It is really impressive how almost everything said in a lengthy feature article can be wrong and twisted. This is such a steaming pile that it implicates the entire editorial team of the New Yorker.

And Mollie did not even bother to take them on for their anti-Catholic bias. She simply provided a link to a column by Sohrab Amari at the New York Post that takes on that aspect of this mess.

No, Mollie stays focused like a laser on the basic failures of journalistic standards and journalistic ethics. Getting facts wrong, getting dates wrong, misidentifying actors in past events, mixing up sequences, making statements that are contradicted in the documents being described, and quoting a large number of antagonists from one side but not the other are all here and succinctly documented.

Go, Mollie, go!

God, bless Mollie and Atty. General Barr. They are champions for our cause, and our cause is just.


3 thoughts on “Champion Barr”

  1. I love Mollie’s fisking of this dreadful article. While I don’t subscribe to the NYer I did see the ‘comic book art,’ as Mollie calls it, portrait of Barr online, and knew from its heavy-handed sinister cast that the prose would be just as purple as the art.

    When Harold Ross started the New Yorker in 1925 he wanted the writing to be so down-the-middle that the readership would not be able to guess the politics of the writer. They have lost their founder’s original vision.


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