To maintain equilibrium, please call me …

Your royal highness. I figure since the royal formally know as Prince won’t be needing it anymore this should be okay. I want you to all know that I will treat you all in the same way I treat everyone beneath my rank. Don’t expect to be invited to tea anytime soon.


11 thoughts on “To maintain equilibrium, please call me …”

  1. Richard Easton:

    You have no idea how much I respect English history/the monarchy and am appalled by this brainless ne’er-do-well who rejected his HRH title for that t***p. He will never be able to come home again because England is up in arms at the tax-payer money he wasted on that wedding alone.

    Something’s not right with that family; too many scandals from Phillip to Charles to Andrew.

    History should have given us a clue: Duke and Duchess of Windsor were more than one could stand let alone Prince George, Duke of Kent who was apprehended in Paris for p. (Can’t bring myself to use the word.)


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