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  1. I say CGI. We do not see aftereffects. Moisture below is not evaporating, grass is not burning, etc.

    Then the video abruptly ends. If not CGI, the user would have continued recording and walked over to record the aftereffects.

  2. John Walker:
    Here is a debunking video (some naughty words).  In the first comment, a person who claims to have made the video says it is CGI.

    Yep, I left the full title in the upload; Шаровая молния возле железнодорожных путей [CGI].mp4

    Still pretty cool, I particularly liked the lightning bolts.

    I recommended that 10 cents would take a ride on a train that used those tracks in another post comment. But still, I worry that he suffers from static cling.

    As for “real” ball lightning, I have only heard from one person who had seen it, I trust that person, so I believe it to be true. He told me that one came rolling up the alley next to his house, while he was on his front porch and when it reached the street, it exploded right over a steel man hole cover in the street. He also said that all the hair on his left arm stood on end while it passed. The alley was on the left side of his house.

  3. G.D.:
    As for “real” ball lightning, I have only heard from one person who had seen it…

    I believe I have seen it too.  I was about 13 or 14 years old, and watching a violent thunderstorm which was flinging down lightning bolts around 10 km from where I was viewing.  After a particularly strong discharge, I saw two or three bright spots of light—around as bright as the lightning strike—which persisted in the air for several seconds (I’d say two or three, but it’s been a long time) and then vanished.  I was really startled by this: I’d heard about ball lightning and always dismissed it as “photo or it never happened” and, even today, with ubiquitous cameras, evidence is slim.

    Here is a book I read and reviewed  in 2005 about ball lightning.  Even though I think I may have seen it myself, I’m not at all sure what’s going on.


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