10 thoughts on “Age of Outrage: If High Street Shopping Was Like Online Shopping”

  1. Some of that has already come true. Stores have “loyalty programs” that are linked to phone or email. I’m constantly asked for that information, also my postal code.

  2. drlorentz:
    Some of that has already come true. Stores have “loyalty programs” that are linked to phone or email. I’m constantly asked for that information, also my postal code.

    The local grocery chain, Gerritys, changed from their “Gold Card” to a new thing that wants you to enter your phone number.

    If this is right, gone are Wednesdays with senior citizens extra 5% off etc.

    We will see in a few days.

    (But I did like the guy holding up the grid work and her identifying what squares had cars in them. Also at the “bottom” a contact me button! LOL )

  3. 10 Cents:
    When will there be a push back against all this?

    Good Point 10 Cents, I don’t think it will get better. I agree with drlorentz It don’t look like it will.

    Personally when they want my phone number at the store we shop at, I’ll give them ” (570) 555-1212 ” The information phone number.

  4. That was cute.

    You ain’t seen nothing yet.

    The grocery store is going to I.D. you as you walk in the door.  (Perhaps by a bluetooth device in your pocket or purse, or perhaps by facial recognition, or maybe a retinal scan.)   You will be tracked through the store.  Their database will record the stuff you bought.  It will also record how much time you spent comparison shopping while paused in front of the shelf that contained each item.  It will record how efficient your path through the store was.  It will record items you picked up but then set back and did not purchase.  It will track your time elapsed inside, whether you were shopping together with someone, whether or not you used coupons, and if you made any purchases from the eyecatchers at the checkout shelves.  And all your purchases will be added to the running dossier that has accumulated a terabyte of data on your family.

    They will trade parts of this info with the drugstore.  They may sell some of this info to evil Google or evil Amazon, or, more likely, trade for other bits of info they want on you, such as whether you commented on any of their products on your Facebook feed.

    They will send you coupons designed to prompt your return to their emporium, providing a discount calculated to the penny to reach the price point that correlates with your activity pattern.

    And that is just this week.   There is a bright future of AI shopping in store for you.

    And when you reach a point of optimum vulnerability, you will be forced to enroll with the Beast or go hungry.

  5. I am diligently working on a novel peripheral to capture the true ethos of our metastatic data-gathering fetish. In principle, it is similar to facial recognition, though the probe is aboral. The Columns of Morgagni are, like facial metrics and fingerprints, unique to each individual. No need for lengthy verbal communication. Just grab your ankles and smile (well, the smile part takes some practice)! The motto for introduction of this new peripheral: “Bringing the state and techcorps ever closer to you.”

  6. I’m still in an outrage over online shopping because of this obsession with individual passwords that do not correlate with the one you have for internet address. Am I supposed to have 100 different passwords for every store online? Online shopping is still relatively new to me because I used to live in “brick and mortar” heaven. I’m out in the boonies now so I’m forced to buy nearly everything online and I hate it!

    Thanks to MJB’s latest post, I developed an absolute obsession with a pair of Celine boots that cost $1100 and it took me 1/2 hour to place the damn order because I had to create a new password.

    Let’s hope they fit.


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