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We the Rightly Guided oughta be marching on DC NOW, this weekend. Sunday would be ideal! We should fill the National Mall with a sea of MAGA hats. It would be easy. Look at the overflow crowds at any and all of Trump’s rallies. For people who sit outside in lawn chairs and blankets all night, hopping a train plane or bus to DC would be downright cushy by comparison. We could SO do it, we could dwarf the pink pussyhat crowd pictures !

Why isn’t anybody inviting us?

We shoulda done it when the House voted to impeach. Zilch.

And now, we’re just sitting here, complacently hearing the Dem “impeachment managers’ outright lies! Thinking , I reckon C’mon! Nobody can really be buying this!

Let me just give you one example: as a Trump junkie, I happened to be watching tv during the throwaway joke Trump made at the end of a presser,,when everybody in the country was talking, and joking, about HRC’s missing emails: “I don’t know..maybe the Russians can get ‘em!”
Yesterday day I caught a moment of Adam Schiff, fake verklempt, recounting this patently humorous remark as a serious invitation to Trump’s (non-existent!-ask Mueller) Russian contacts!
And he is getting the eff away with it.

We have no choice but to await an invitation to converge on DC. SOMEBODY has to say something, to assure that we show up in force on the same day.

Why isn’t anybody asking?


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  1. Devereaux:

    I explained my position at length in my comments 5 and 9. I won’t be dragooned into either extreme.

    I have read your comments in 5 & 9. While I don’t really agree with them, they are your opinions and you have as much right to them as anyone does to theirs. But if you are trying to return the thread to your “topic” you could just as easily said something far less inflammatory than “the fate of as-yet-undeveloped homunculi, nor about the people who are (to me) incomprehensible obsessed with either terminating or preserving them! Aaaugh!”

    You’re a lawyer. You should understand controlling your temper and measured speech better than I, a mere troglodyte Marine. Your comment did not appear to me to be a request to return to thread but a challenge to fight. That’s your bad. If some of us who strongly disagree with you take umbrage, you can hardly call King’s X. Nor can you claim to be “dragooned” into anything; you put it out there.

    You’re absolutely right!  But I didn’t say I wouldn’t be dragooned into arguing; I said I wouldn’t be dragooned  into either extreme position: NEITHER  “the zygote is a citizen”,  NOR frank infanticide.

    This just isn’t a very important issue to me.  When I think about it though, I would rather vote for someone at the anti-abortion extreme, than someone at the  Northam infanticide  extreme.
    (Can’t resist though: I thought “pre-mented”was a clever term for, idk, lets call it juvenility. And homunculus: “little human”. Surely that’s ok with everybody….🤔kidding,,kidding! )


  2. Ann Coulter said “If you have a choice between a Pro-Choice Republican or Pro-Life Republican, vote for the Pro-Lifer. He will lower your taxes more. “


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