ChiCom Spying

The chairman of Harvard’s chemistry department, Charles Lieber, has been arrested and charged with taking money from the ChiComs and lying about it.*  He was paid $50k per month plus about $150k in living expenses to work with the Wuhan University of Technology (WUT).† This was part of China’s Thousand Talents Plan, a wedge into Western scientific institutions to steal IP. The professor’s arrangement with the ChiComs entitled WUT to plant researchers in his department.

In January 2013, Lieber signed an agreement for a five-year “cooperative research program” on behalf of Harvard—without consulting Harvard officials—allowing WUT researchers a two-month visit to his department at Harvard each year, the complaint said.

He also received $1.5 million for establishing a joint research lab at WUT using Harvard’s name and logo without Harvard’s knowledge, a violation of the school’s policy, the document said. When confronted by Harvard officials, he lied by saying WUT acted without his consent.

Does anyone think this arrest would have happened under president Hillary or president SleepyJoe?

*The WSJ also reported the story behind its paywall.
†Wut? We must be living in a simulation. And Wuhan, no less. Virus, anyone?


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5 thoughts on “ChiCom Spying”

  1. Seawriter:
    $50K per month?  That’s Hunter Biden level. Talk about taking the Bursima. And his dad wasn’t ever VEEP.

    Good work if you can get it – until you get caught, that is.

  2. This is another sign that the U.S.A. is truly decoupling economically from China. In Trump’s economy, by being willing to move, I personally have seen a 25% increase in my salary — with less travel/hours expenses! The more the CNN, MSNBC, NY Times etc. of the world bash our President, the more I truly appreciate independent thinking coworkers and church members that don’t buy their propaganda (and pity the people that do) !

  3. Robert A. McReynolds:
    What exactly were they stealing?

    Complaint sealed:


    Press release associates two Chinese with specific acts:

    Current Lieber charges may be limited to some sort of honest services fraud (as in the Varsity Blues scandal – he misappropriated an opportunity that belonged to Harvard to directly take ChiCom money) plus failure to register as a foreign agent, plus whatever financial crimes attend.


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