Ron Paul Interviews Tulsi Gabbard: “A Progressive Appeal to New Hampshire Libertarians”

On 2020-02-07, Ron Paul interviewed Democrat presidential hopeful Tulsi Gabbard on his “Ron Paul Liberty Report”.  The discussion concentrated on points where libertarians and Gabbard may agree, such as a non-interventionist foreign policy.  He did not question her on areas of disagreement, which are many, as she is on most other issues a doctrinaire Democrat.

Still, if you want to understand why Gabbard appeals to some libertarians, this is a view you won’t get from the few “debates” in which she was allowed to appear.


Author: John Walker

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5 thoughts on “Ron Paul Interviews Tulsi Gabbard: “A Progressive Appeal to New Hampshire Libertarians””

  1. This interview shows why Tulsi is a mensch. I don’t agree with most of her views but she’s not a sleazy, lying neolib or communist. Also, she winds up all the right people.

  2. Beware of a wolf in sheep’s clothing. She’s doesn’t want freedom. The only thing she has in common with libertarian’s is the antiwar thing. So do many of the Bernie bros, but if given power they would go the communist route.

    There is something about Tulsi that I just don’t trust at all.

  3. Progressives holding hands with Libertarians is more sickening than USSR Communists holding hands with U.S.A. capitalists — YUCK !!!

    Progressives are backstabbers, and Libertarians can be too idealist (an explosive combination).

    If there were more Conservatives with Courage, the world would be a better place (progressives and libertarians wise up and join us) !


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