9 thoughts on “Gonna Need More Popcorn”

  1. I had the same thought.   See the following post.

    My own opinion is that Barr had other executive staff at Justice complaining about the Stone sentencing recommendation.  If DOJ says the decision was reached before Trump tweeted, they can probably prove that.

    It is time for a good counterattack.

  2. If the President expresses an opinion and the AG has a similar opinion so what?

    To claim that the President must be silent on injustice is to allow the opposition to silence him. Nonsense.

    Washington seems to produce a lot of GOP folks who surrender at the drop of a hat.

    Eric Holder was Obama’s “wingman” and none of these GOP slugs said a word.

  3. I would love to see the Emocrats try again.  Even if it somehow got through the House, the Senate could taunt them into hyperspace saying that the problem with the House’s cases wasn’t that they didn’t have a case, but that they didn;t *make* a case, and it would take a whole lot more testimony and discovery to make a case that the Senate would consider compelling.  The political pressure *could* be brought upon the House to open up witness and evidence proceedings (and for once, the political will seems to be in effect), allowing investigation into all sorts of Obama-related stuff — which is why it won;t happen in the first place.

    Which leaves them with trying to cover how they started again but abandoned the effort — which I would love to see.

    I suspect that for these reasons nothing will come of it.


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